Geography, Paper 1, Question 1; Population


Mind map for Question 1 of paper 1, Population. Straight from a text book, just less bulky and easier to understand. Hope this helps!!
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  • Population 
  • Transmigration in Indonesia
  • The country, and it's capital city, Java, was so overpopulated in some places that they needed people to be more evenly spread. They offered housing, food, land and equipment.
  • No, it didn't work. This is because to make new homes/buildings, rain forest destruction took place, and locals to where migrants worked didn't like it, and so conflict ensued as there were jobs created for only migrant, and due to this people went home.
  • The Birth Rate is the amount of babies born per 1000 people per year
  • The Death Rate is the amount of people dying per 1000 people per year.
  • Birth Rate - Death Rate = Natural Population Growth Rate
  • Case Studies
  • Random Facts
  • Migration to Libia
  • In 2001, there were 2.5 million foureign people living in the country, taking the population to 6.5 million. Most of these people had moved for economical reasons. 
  • Soon after, there was an uprising and people were angry about living in poverty when their leaders lived in riches. This caused a civil war. This caused people to flee and over 10,000 people were evacuated. 
  • GDP is the amount of money a person would have if all of the money in the country they live in was shared equally between every person. This can be affected by population, size of country and density.
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