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AS level Physical Education (PE) (Developing the Sports Performer) Flowchart on Talent ID, created by 007842-Stuart Denton on 02/02/2017.
007842-Stuart Denton
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007842-Stuart Denton
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  • Shown to be successful in Closed loop sports
  • Lacks effectiveness in open loop sports
  • Helen Glover- Tall and Talented
  • Identifies talent quickly 
  • They can be fast tracked to elite programmes
  • Big games sports would struggle to use the 'Sports Search' model
  • Produces top athletes capable of breaking records
  • Can create unequal playing field 
  • Talent ID can be very expensive, so LED countries won't be able to employ such schemes
  • Many believe it removes the natural human talent
  • Keeps sports ever competitive
  • Lizzy Yarnold- Girls4Gold
  • Brings lots of funding for elite athletes
  • World Class program
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