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Flowchart on U.S. government flowchart, created by Betty Howard on 29/11/2016.
Betty  Howard
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Betty  Howard
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  • 3 Branches of  Government  
  • Executive 
  • President
  • Head of Government & Commander in Chief
  • Vice President
  • Support President & presiding officer of Senate 
  • Cabinet 
  • Advise the President & are in charge of departments and agencies 
  • https://kids.usa.gov/three-branches-of-government/index.shtml
  • Legislative 
  • House of Representatives 
  • 435 members, based on population, serve 2 years 
  • Senate
  • 100 members,  2 for each state, serve 6 years
  • Judicial 
  • Supreme Court 
  • highest court, 9 justices, nominated by President & approved by 51 votes in Senate 
  • Federal Courts
  • Created by Congress
  • Fernanda Martinez 
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