GoConqr Guide to Flowcharts for Business


Guide to GoConqr Flowcharts features and symbols
Sarah Egan
Flowchart by Sarah Egan, updated more than 1 year ago
Sarah Egan
Created by Sarah Egan almost 7 years ago

Resource summary

Flowchart nodes

  • GoConqr Guide to Flowcharts for Business
  • We have a full range of flowchart symbols for process modelling and business needs 
  • Process
  • Start
  • Decision
  • Preparation
  • Delay
  • Subroutine
  • Document
  • End
  • DataObject(I/O)
  • Manual Input
  • Disk Storage
  • Database
  • Merge
  • Extract
  • Sort
  • Or
  • Summary
  • ManualOperation
  • InternalStorage
  • Page
  • Add Colour
  • Make connections straight or orthogonal
  • Change connections appearance or direction
  • Format Font
  • Add links
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