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Unit 5.1 Energy Around You
What is Gravitational Potential Energy? The energy stored inside an object when above the ground.
What is Elastic Potential Energy? The energy stored in a stretched or squashed spring.
What are the forms of Energy? Next One............ (Actually Next 5)
Kinetic The energy of Movement
Sound Is the energy that air has when it is vibrating.
Light Comes from the Sun, light globes
Heat Can come from the sun. Heat warms, dries , melts etc.
Electrical Produced by power stations, solar cells, batteries and lightning,
What are three ways heat can be transferred? Go on to the next three and you will see ( that rhymed )
Conduction When two objects come into contact.
Convection The transfer of heat in a liquid and gas.
Radiation Heat radiates( spreads outwards) from any hot object.
It's the Final One I Wasnt Lying
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