Unit 5.3 Sound Energy


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Module 5.3 Sound Energy
What is Sound? Sound is a type of energy produced by vibrations.
What happens when you pluck a string on the guitar? You start the string vibrating. The vibrating string pushes on nearby air particles.
What is A Mexican wave? A flow of energy around a stadium.
How is sound produced from your mouth? The folds of your skin making up your vocal cords vibrate when air form the lungs pushes through them.
How is sound produced from a trumpet? The vibrating limbs of a trumpet player make the air inside the trumpet vibrate.
How is a sound produced from a drum? When the skin of a drum is hit.
Explain the kinetic energy in air particles. This kinetic energy in the particle is transferred from air particle to air particle as a sound wave travels.
What is an echo ? An echo is a reflected sound.
What is acoustics? Acoustics is the science of sound
What is the speed that sound travels in? 340m/s
How fast does sound travel in gas at 20°C? 343m/s
How fast does sound travel in liquid at 25°C? 2439m/s
How fast does sound travel in Iron? 5130m/s
Why does sound travel faster in a solid? Sound travels faster in a solid than through gas, because the particles in the solid are spaced much more closely.
What is a pitch? Pitch of a sound depends upon how quickly the particles vibrate, the higher the pitch of the sound.
What is frequency? The number of waves that travel past a given point per second is called the frequency.
What is a wavelength? A high-pitched s=ound has a higher frequency than a low deep-pitched sound has a higher frequency than a low, deep pitched-sound.
What is frequency measured in? Hertz (Hz)
What is Loudness measured in? Decibels (dB)
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