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What was the cause of the explosion in Industrial Output? There were a number of factors During the Industrial Revolution, these include population growth, increasing world trade, innovations in Technology and business practices.
What was the relationship between Agricultural changes and the Industrial Revolution? There was a direct relationship between agricultural changes and the Industrial Revolution. New technologies allowed farmers to produce more food, resulting in the growth of population which eventually increased the amount of workers.
What was the enclosure system? A process lasting from the 1500s to the 1800s of enclosing formerly common lands and creating large, privately owned lands.
Why were the tenant farmers evicted? As scattered strips of land were consolidated into larger and more efficient individual farms, many tenant farmers were evicted.
What were some of the Agricultural Inventions? Agricultural Inventions includes: -The seed drill -Fertiliser use -The Threshing machine
What was seeding planting In Europe like before the 18th century? Before the 18th century, seed planting in Europe was scattering seed by hand along shallow trenches in the soil, called furrows.
Why was seed planting before the 18th century wasteful? It was quite wasteful because many seeds didn't end up at the required depth or were too spaced out or too crowded.
What was the seed drill? It was a tube-like device that poked into the ground to the ideal depth and then released a seed.
How did Tull's horse-drawn device work? Tull's horse-drawn device cut furrows, deposited seeds through hollow tubes and then smoothed the soil over with a harrow attached to its rear. It made planting much faster and assisted with harvesting.
When was the first fertiliser available in the world? Superphosphate became the first commercially available fertiliser in the world in 1842.
What was the invention of the threshing machine? The threshing machine was invented by a Scottish mechanical engineer Andrew Meikle for use in agriculture, mainly for the separation of grain from stalks and husks.
What was the negative impact of the threshing machine? Vast unemployment resulted due to the automation to thresh, and some of those unemployed formed into gangs "Swing Riots" roaming the countryside, destroying the threshing machines
What provided Europe with Energy for thousands of years? For thousands of years, wood provided energy needed for Europe's homes and workshops.
Why wasn't coal widely used? Unfortunately, coal was not widely used because it was really difficult to extract it from the ground.
What was the advantage of using steam engines for extractions? Steam engines did the work of several horses and could pump water from hundreds of metres underground.The engine also enabled coal to be mined from much deeper underground, providing plentiful and cheap energy source.
Why was Britain ready to lead the world into the Industrial Age? Due to an inexhaustible supply of cheap energy and also advances in Technology, Britain was ready to lead the world into the Industrial Revolution.
What was the Age of Reason, or Enlightenment? During that time, there were many scientific discoveries, which include how gravity works, physical properties of air and gas and also produced the idea of progress.
What happened during the Enlightenment age? The Enlightenment was a time when society started questioning religious explanations for the world and increasingly believed that the world was controlled by human will and reason.
Why did the farming peasants leave their farm? Many farming peasants could not survive on the land they owned and were forced to find new sources of income. Many left their farms to find jobs
What did Enclosure produce? Enclosure produced a large number of former farmers, who converged on the cities and the emerging factories seeking work.
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