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For the new GCSE of grades 9-1 for people taking their GCSEs in 2017
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    Language Paper 1
    q1 - List 4 facts in your own words from the text ie. Will is addicted to Clicker Heroes, this is worth 4 marksq2 - A question on how the writer uses language to show something, ie to describe Will's Clicker Heroes addiction, this is worth 8 marksq3 - This is a question based off of the whole source and is asking about how the writer uses structure to achieve something like hold the readers attentionq4 - This question is base off of what extent do you agree. This is when another student, or just a examiner pretending, says a quote about the source, you are meant to show if you agree or not and how farq5 - This is creative writing based upon a stimulating picture or sentence. Fore example, write a piece of creative writing about an addiction

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    Language Paper 2
    q1 - This question gives you 8 points, 4 correct and 4 wrong based off of a mentioned part of the one of the extracts, your job is to say which 4 are right.q2 - This is a question that asks you to compare the similarities or differences between the two texts, either characters or themes etc...q3 - This question i based off of one source and is it asking how a character or the writer use language to show something.q4 - This is a question using both sources to compare how the writers convey different attitudes towards some topics.q5 - This is a 40 mark question where you write a letter, speech etc... to get the specified point across. Note the medium, ie letter, is specified

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    Literature Paper 1
    Paper 1 is your questions on your 19th century text and your shakespeare play. You will be required to answer questions on this topic which require a deep understanding of both texts, so carry on reading. But at least it is not as hard as thinking how this works right?

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    Literature Paper 2
    These are questions on your modern prose or drama, like An Inspector Calls and your poetry anthology, Love and Relationships or Power and conflict so again you will need a high level understanding on how to annotate and evaluate poems, infer (read between the lines) and the ease of which you can remember vital quotes. You will also need a high understanding of the whole book and poetry anthology, so get reading!

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