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Unit 2.2 The Building BlOcks Of Life
Who created the first ever microscope? Zacharias Janssen
What did Zacharias do to discover the microscope? He placed two lenses in a tube. When he looked through the tube, objects appeared larger.
What did Robert Hooke use a microscope for? To Investigate Cork
What did Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek build? He built microscopes that could magnify up to X250.
What did Leeuwenhoek call tiny organisms? He called tiny organisms animalcules (Latin for little animals).
What was special about Leeuwenhoek? He was the first person to discover microscopic living things.
What did the Scottish botanist Robert Brown discover? He discovered that plant cells were not empty boxes.
What was the first structure to be discovered in a cell? Nucleus
What is a mitochondria? the powerhouse of the cell that releases energy from the food.
What are lysosmes? the garbage disposal that gets rid of wastes from the cell.
What is the endoplasmic reticulum? forms pathways that allow materials to move quickly and easily through the cell.
What is the cell membrane? The skin that holds the cell together.
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