the legacy of the first world war


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when was the first world war? the first world war began in 1914 and ended in 1918.
how many Germans i) fought in the war ii) died at war iii) were wounded at war? i) eleven million ii) two million iii) four million
the cost of war meant that the German governments debt went up, from ______ marks to _________ marks. the cost of war meant that the German government's debt went up from 50 billion marks to 150 billion marks.
over 750, 000 Germans died, even though they didn't go to war. why? 750,000 Germans died because of food shortages during the first world war.
in _____, the capital, it was clear that ________ had lost control. It was time for him to abdicate. in Berlin, the capital, it was clear that kaiser Wilhelm had lost control. it was time for him to abdicate.
name a few ways in which Germany had become out of control. (November 1918) 1) workers went on strike, soldiers refused to stop the riots. 2) the German navy mutinied in the ports of kiel and hamburg in Oct 1918 3) 7th November, the workers in Munich said they were separate from the rest of Germany.
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