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Percy Shelley (1817) "the being in Frankenstein is, no doubt, a tremendous creature"
Percy Shelley (1817) "His original goodness was gradually turned into revenge"
Hugh Reginald Hawels (1886) "deep insight into the natural workings of the human heart"
Hugh Reginald Hawels (1886) "the subject is somewhat revolting, the treatment is somewhat hideous"
Christopher Small "Frankenstein himself is clearly and to some extent must intentionally have been a portrayal of Shelley"
Christopher Small "If he is not Shelley, he is a dream of Shelley"
George Levine "he is destroyed by his own nature"
George Levine "the monster and Frankenstein are doubles, two aspects of the same being"
George Levine "there is simply no way to define the relationship with parents and offspring in this novel"
Ellen Moers "the trauma of afterbirth"
Ellen Moers "he defies mortality by giving birth"
Ellen Moers "death and birth were hideously mixed"
Barbara Johnson "the story of Frankenstein is the story of a man who usurps the female role by giving birth"
Anne Mellor "Victor cannot do scientific research and think lovingly of Elizabeth and his family at the same time"
Anne Mellor "Victor's most passionate relationships are with men rather than women"
Anne Mellor "nature pursues Victor"/"nature punished Victor"
Marilyn Butler "when it comes to parenting, Frankenstein himself is a monster"
Lawrence Lipking "is the creature a natural man or an unnatural monster?"
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