Frankenstein Key Quotes


Frankenstein key quotes
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Frankenstein Key Quotes
  1. Desire for Forbidden knowledge
    1. "I try in vain to be persuaded that the pole is the seat of frost and desolation; it ever presents itself to my imagination as a region of beauty and delight."
      1. "I shall satiate my ardent curiosity with the sight of a part of the world never before visited."
        1. "It was the secretf of heaven and earth that I desired to learn." - Victor
        2. Placing people on a pedestal
          1. "...with a beam of benevolence and sweetness that i never saw equaled." - Walton on Victor
            1. "...being heaven-sent and bearing a celestrial stamp in all her features." - Victor on Elizabeth
              1. "...angel mother..."
                1. "...silver hair and benevolent countenance of the aged cottager won my reverence while... the girl enticed my love." - Monster on the De Laceys
                2. Isolation
                  1. "I shunned my fellow creatures"
                    1. "Solitude I coveted" - Victor says when he leaves to create the female monster.
                    2. "I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity: but am i not alone, miserably alone?"
                      1. "I am an outcast in the world for ever... To be friendless is indeed to be unfortunate."
                    3. Pursuit
                      1. "I formed in my own heart a resolution to pursue my destroyer to death" - Victor
                        1. "Sometimes I thought that the fiend followed me... When these thoughts possessed me, I would not quit Henry... but followed him as his shadow, to protect him."
                          1. "I paid no visit to Geneva, but was engaged, heart and soul, in the pursuit of some discoveries."
                          2. Doubles/Doppleganger
                            1. "I should attempt the creation of a being like myself..."
                              1. "But in Clerval I saw the image of my former self"
                              2. "I bore a hell within me" - said by both Victor and the Monster
                                1. "Cursed, cursed creator!" - Monster "Cursed, cursed be the fiend" - Victor
                                2. "...This was indeed a godlike science, and I ardently desired to become acquainted with it" - Monster says about people speaking
                                3. Heroism in the novel
                                  1. "if I could banish disease from the human frame" - Victor's initial heroic and noble quest
                                    1. "...she fell into the rapid steam. I rushed from my hiding-place;and...saved her...She was senseless; and i endeavoured by every means in my power to restore animation."
                                      1. "Return as heroes who have fought and conquered" - Victors says the Walton's men after they mutiny; he tries to persuade them to continue their quest.
                                    2. the supernaturaal
                                      1. "Its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspects, more hideous than belongs to humanity"
                                        1. "with superhuman speed"
                                          1. "I was apparently united by no link to any other being in existence... I was wretched, helpless, and alone"
                                        2. Macabre
                                          1. ""but if you refuse, I will glut the maw of death, until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends."
                                            1. "I collected bones from charnel-houses; and disturbed with profane fingers, the tremendous secrets of the human frame"
                                              1. "I heard a shrill and dreadful scream... I could feel the blood trickling in my veins and tingling in the extremities of my linbs
                                                1. "a churchyard was to me merely the receptacle of bodies deprived of life"
                                                2. Warnings
                                                  1. "I will not lead you on, unguarded and ardent as I was... Learn from dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge"
                                                    1. "Man! you may hate; but beware! your hours will pass in dread and misery"
                                                      1. "Are you mad, my friend?... peace! peace! learn my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own!
                                                      2. Sublime/the power of nature
                                                        1. "I discovered... the bright summit of Mont Blanc. I wept like a child. `Dear mountains! my own beautiful lake"
                                                          1. ""the solemn silence of this glorious presence - chamber of imperial Nature."
                                                            1. "...spoke of a powerful mighty as Omnipotence - and I ceased to fear" - Victor says about nature
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