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Catherine 'you like it, huh?' 'madonna' 'I'll get you a beer' 'almost in tears' 'she's crazy to start work' in the 'slip' 'he was always the sweetest guy'
Catherine - changed 'I know a lot more than people think I know' 'I think I can't stay here no more' 'I'm not gonna be a baby anymore' 'I've made up my mind Eddie' 'He's a rat! He belongs in the sewers' 'I never meant to do nothin' bad to you'
Eddie 'pleased' ‘You’re a baby, you don’t understand these things’ 'walkin' wavy' 'most people ain't people' ‘you don’t see nothing, you don’t know nothing’
Eddie - changed 'you gonna keep her in the house all her life?' 'ain't so free here either' 'eyes like tunnels' 'make it nice and strong' 'I only wanted the best for you' 'he's gonna come back here and apologise' 'I want my name'
Beatrice 'you're an angel, god'll bless you' 'weak from tension' 'big heart' 'no baby no more' 'you're just jealous' 'diverting their attention' 'when am I gonna be a wife again?'
Beatrice - changed 'if you act like a baby, he be treatin you like one' 'dance Rodolpho 'tell him the picture ended late' Has to stay with Eddie - wedding 'you want something else Eddie and you can never have her' 'then we all belong in the garbage'
Marco 'you'll be quiet' doesn't want to outstay welcome' 'regular bull' chair incident 'maybe he wants to apologise to me'
Marco - changed ‘He degraded by brother, my blood’ ‘Animal’/ ‘you go on your knees to me’ Man of actions instead of words
Rodolpho ‘Smiling’ and ‘laughing’ - carefree Listens to his brother Peacemaker –‘it’s my fault’ Loyal – ‘promise the man’ Romantic – analogy of little bird Sensitive – upset about passport ‘I kiss your hand’
Love Beatrice and Eddie Troubled but strong B to E - 'I'm worried about you' 'you're just jealous' 'when am I gonna be a wife again?' 'I'm sick and tired of it' (objection to Rodolpho) 'what I feel like doing in bed and what I don't feel like doing' 'you want something else Eddie...' 'My B!'
Love Catherine and Rodolpho Young, naive love 'I don't want nobody else' 'he always bows to me' 'blushing' lack of trust - passport Paper doll Bird analogy 'little girl' 'that is what I want'
Love Marco and Rodolpho Brotherly love Admire/respect each other Shared singing money 'you must tell him' 'you be quiet now' 'you come home early now' Chair incident 'Marco never hurt anyone'
Family Cousins can stay as long as they want Lipari immediately turned back on E In Italy - 'Eddie would be dead' Marco to wife - sends $20 Vinny Balzano story - 'you won't see him around here again' 'if you didn't say it, you didn't know it' Prologue - outsiders treated with suspicion
Honour 'honour' to have cousins 'I want my name' 'in my country he'd be head' Vinny Balzano R dishonouring E by not asking for his permission to take out C 'to promise not to kill is not dishonourable' - double negative, A can't be openly say killing is dishonourable 'he degraded by brother, my family' 'gave them the blankets off my own bed' M spits at E - publically removes E's honour
Justice and the Law > 'the law has not been a friendly idea' > 'justly shot by unjust men' > meeting a lawyer on the street is 'unlucky' 'I can only deal in what's provable' 'law is very specific' EDDIE STILL DOESN'T GET THE MESSAGE
Relevance of the title Bridge - shows distance - not involved - powerless - family splitting -division - shows indecisiveness - Catherine choosing between R and E - Beatrice choosing between C and E - Catherine's transitional / emotional phase - E doesn't cross the bridge
Eddie and Catherine Relationship Beginning 'walkin wavy' 'you like it, huh?' 'I'll get you a beer' 'almost in tears'
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