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What is an Amphitheater? An elliptical space surrounded by tiers of seats
What is an aqueduct? Arch like walls that move fresh water into Rome
What is an Arch? An upsidown curve
What is a Camber? The road angle that allows rain drainage
What is the Capitolium? A temple dedicated to Jupiter, the chief god of the Roman state
What are the centuries? A army of 80 men of 10 contubernia
What is Christianity? A religion that believes Jesus is the one God
What was Circus Maximus? A long race track with starting gates at one end and a central area that chariots raced around
What are some examples of Rome being codified? The Twelve Tablets of laws
What is a Cohort? An army of Six centuries, adding up 480 men
What is the Colosseum? A large amphitheatre that held gladiator battles
What are the consuls? They are the chief magistrates of the Roman State
What is a Contubernia? A squad of 8 men
What is a Etruscan? A person/colony that occupied Rome originally
What is a Forum? Town Square
Who is Gauis Marius? A military informer, gave back soldiers their land
Who were the Gauls? People living North of Rome, they're now French
What is a Gladiator? A person who fought another for the entertainment of the public
What does Pax Romana signify? The Roman Empire's 200 years of peace
What is a theatre? A semi-circle like structure with a dance floor, a stage, and a backdrop
What is the Pantheon? A beautiful building created by Hadrian. This building was originally used as a temple but then it was transformed into a church. Advancement in archetecture
What is the Curia? The Senate house
Who was Hannibal? He was a Punic military commander from Carthage
Who is Julius Caesar? First Emperor of Rome and the Empire loved him to the point where they wanted him eternal emperor
Why does monarchy relate to the Roman Empire? The Etruscan's we're ruled by a Monarchy
What does Paterfamilias mean? A father who is the head of a clan
What is a Praetor? A person who is under the consul, their job is administrative. So judicial
Punic Wars? Wars against Carthage, Two wars lasted 264-261 BC and 216-202 BC
What is the SPQR Senatus Populusque Romanus (the Senate and People of Rome). A government that meant to rule with people but in the end actually didn't
Who was Tiberius Gracchus? A Roman politician who wanted to give wealth to the poor, was murdered in the end.
What does Triumvirate mean? Leadership of 3 or more, this happened in Rome when the land mass was to large.
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