Julius Caesar


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    -a powerful general that helped Rome become the sole superpower of the Mediterranean and one of the strongest empires in the ancient world-born 100 BC and assassinated 44 BC-a dictator, consul, governor, and general-declared himself dictator for life once his enemies were defeated-this action alienated republican senators and other governors so Cassius and Brutus (his former friend and who used to look up to Caesar as his idol) killed him
    Who Was Julius Caesar?

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    What Did Julius Caesar Do?
    -he wrote new laws-improved how to rule provinces in the empire-appointed governor of Gaul-he was elected consul in Rome-declared himself dictator for life 

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    Where is Julius Caesar From?
    -Rome, Italy-he was often around the Mediterranean fighting-was the governor of Gaul

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    When Was Julius Caesar Alive?
    -born 12 or 13th of July 100 BC-assassinated 44 BC-only ruled Rome for 2 years but gave it new hope and power

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    Why is Julius Caesar Famous?
    -he conquered large amounts of land and beat the barbarians of Gaul-a dictator and military general-stabbed 23 times in the hands of the Senate-notorious among the government of Rome

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    How Did Julius Caesar Rule?
    -had a loyal and strong army behind him-introduced new methods of ruling provinces-he created the "First Triumvirate" with Pompey the Great, a military general, and Crassus, a millionaire-he used his daughter Julia and married her off with Pompey to seal the deal with Pompey and Caesar-once Julia died, Pompey came to his senses and attacked against Caesar
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