Timeline of World War One


The timeline of World War One. These are my revision flashcards for GCSE History. Enjoy
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1914 28th June Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated by Princip, a Serbian terrorist
1914 28th July The Austrian Government Declares war on Serbia
1914 1st August Germany declares war on Russia
1314 3rd August Germany declares war on France and poured troops into Belgium as per the Schlieffen Plan
1914 4th August Britain declares war on Germany for invading neutral Belgium
1914 August The Russians suffer a massive defeat at the hands of the germans at Tannenberg
1914 13th August Japan declares war on Germany through her alliance with Great Britain, signed in 1902
1914 September The Russians suffer a massive defeat at the hands of the Germans at the Masurian Lakes
1914 29th October Turkey enters the war on the side of the central powers
1913 2nd November Russia declares war on Turkey
1914 5th November Britain and France declare war on turkey
1914 Autumn/Winter The German army in France is eventually halted at the River Marne
1914 Autumn/Winter The BEF (British Army) briefly holds up the German advance at Mons
1914 Autumn/Winter The British lose a huge number of men at the first battle of Ypres
1914 Autumn/Winter By Christmas both sides have dug themselves into the trenches on the western front
1914 December The first Zeppelins appear over the English coast
1915 7th May Sinking of the US passenger ship 'Lusitania' by U-Boats almost brings the USA into the war
1915 23rd May Italy enters the war on the side of the Allies
1915 2nd April Poison gas used for the first time (by the Germans)
1915 April-August Allies attempt unsuccessfully to relieve pressure on the Russians at the Dardanelles
1915 February Winston Churchill resigns as First Lord of the Admiralty and serves on the Western Front
1916 April Rumania joined the war on the side of the Allies, but is promptly defeated by the Germans
1916 31st May Battle of Jutland - the only truly large scale naval battle of the war (result indecisive)
1916 28th November The first German air raid on London
1916 December Lloyd George becomes Prime minister of the wartime coalition
1916 21st February - November Germans attack Verdun to 'bleed the French dry'. Massive casualties on both sides
1916 1st July - November Battle of the Somme. 60,000 British casualties (20,000 of whom died) on the first day
1917 February Tsar Nicholas of Russia is overthrown and a provisional government takes his place
1917 March Lloyd George appoints the French General Nivelle as supreme war commander over Haig's head
1917 July - November British attack Germans at Passchendale (3rd battle of Ypres); result inconclusive
1917 Lloyd George appoints Lloyd George appoints Churchill as Minister of Munitions
1917 German adoption of unrestricted submarine warfare: a million tonnes of shipping is sunk in the first month.
1917 6th April USA declares war on Germany after American ships are sunk by U-boats
1917 October Communists seize control of Russia, promising to end war
1917 November Battle of Cambrai: First large scale tank battle of the war; result inconclusive
1917 December Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: The Russians are forced into a humiliating peace with Germany
1918 April The Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Navy Air Service are merged to for the Royal Air Force
1918 Mid October The Allies had taken almost all of German occupied France and part of Belgium
1918 30th October Turkey surrenders to the Allies giving them control of the Dardanelles (Black Sea Straits)
1918 9th NOvember Kaiser Wilhelm II Abdicated
1918 11AM, 11th November In the french town of Redonthes, the Armistice is signed, bringing the war to an end
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