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Three (3) types of tombs - 1/3 Mastaba
Three (3) types of tombs - 2/3 Pyramid
Three (3) types of tombs - 3/3 Rock Hewn Tombs
known to be “The Tomb of Nobility” cut deep into the mountain rock Rock Hewn Tombs
is the upright stone slab containing the name of the dead found in the mastaba STELE
Are Tomb-houses that were made to take the body at full length , flat top or tapered solid temple Mastaba
Is a royal architect, superindentent of pyramids in Egypt Arch't Thi
Example of "Mastaba" Mastaba of Thi
Egyptian Architecture stareted at? 5000 B. C. – 1st CENTURY A. D.
Two (2) Types of Structure Tombs & Temples
Form of Government MONARCHY
King of Egypt, Ruler, Highest priest in Egypt PHARAOH
Normal successor to the throne SON OF PHARAOH
Kings most powerful official VIZIER
Controls the royal treasuries, granaries, & supervises the census CHANCELOR
In-charge of the kings personal estate & household CHIEF STEWARD
Three (3) Prominent Pyramid @ Giza Complex (1) Pyramid of Cheops/Khufu (2) Pyramid of Chefren/Khafra (3) Pyramid of Menkaura/Mykerinos
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