History of Psychology


Who are these famous psychologists and what did they contribute to the world of psychology?
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William Wundt -Established the 1st psychological lab in Leipzig, Germany in 1879 - Many famous psychologists trained in his lab - Approach known as structuralism
G. Stanley Hall - Set up 1st psych lab in the U.S. at the John Hopkins University
William James - Publishes the 1st Psych textbook in 1890 entitled Principles of Psychology - Approach known as Functionalism
Sigmund Freud - Specialized in Neurology - Believed psychoanalysis is a specific type of psychiatric treatment strategy & a formal theory of personality and behavior
John B. Watson - Founder of "Behaviorism" - Reacted against early methods which relied on inexact procedures - Felt we should study ONLY things we could see; such as behavior and not the mind of feelings
B.F. Skinner - Most famous modern day "behaviorist" - Researched the influences of the environment-
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