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Hindbrain major body functions
Medulla vital unconscious actions
Pons relaying signals, emotion, audition
Reticular formation circadian rhythms, motor skills, arousal, motivation
Cerebellum motor and coordination
Tectum contains Superior and Inferior colliculus
Superior colliculus visual function, orienting eyes
Inferior colliculus auditory function
Tegmentum area near the brainstem that contains the red nucleus and substantia nigra
Red nucleus motor control
Substantia nigra reward centres
Hypothamalus 4 F's Fight, flight, feeding, f... reproduction
Pituitary gland Master gland - hormone regulation
Thalamus relay station for all senses except smell
Amygdala fear response
Hippocampus memory, spatial learning, adult neurogenesis
Gyri large bulges outward from the brain
Sulci ridges between gyri
Fissures deep sulci
Occipital lobe visual processing, V1
Temporal lobe A1, language/memory, audition
Frontal lobe primary motor cortex, decision making
Parietal lobe primary somatosensory cortex, spatial thinking
Corpus callosum connection between the hemispheres
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