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acme the highest point, as of attainment; pinnacle
acumen superior insight; quickness and shrewdness of judgment, esp. in practical matters
buttress to add support or credibility to
circumlocution a roundabout, indirect, or evasive manner of speaking or writing
eschew to avoid or forgo; shun
evince to show or manifest clearly; give evidence of; make plain
immerse to put deeply into or cover with liquid; submerge
impediment an obstacle or hindrance
lethargic dormant; lack of energy; inactive
opaque not allowing light to pass through
paradigm an example, model, pattern, or the like
perturb to cause great disturbance in (the mind); agitate or worry
pulchritude physical beauty or attractiveness
succint briefly but clearly stated; concise
surmise to infer without certain knowledge; suppose; guess
appalling creating horror, shock, or dismay
belie to disguise; misrepresent; to disappoint or leave unfulfilled; to prove false or show to be untrue
appropriate to take for one's exclusive use; to take without permission or improperly
camaraderie warm, friendly feeling of loyalty among comrades; comradeship
ascetic self-denying; austere; a person who lives a life of rigorous self-denial for whatever purpose
betray to aid the enemy, or make vulnerable to the enemy in traitorous ways; to break faith with; to deceive; to give away secret information
cajole to coax with insincere talk; to flatter in hopes of getting one's way; to wheedle
ascribe to credit to or blame something on a specific cause, event, or person
berate to scold or strongly rebuke
attribute to think of as belonging to, produced by, resulting from, or originating in; ascribe to; assign
barter to trade goods or services without the use of money; the act of swapping; anything swapped
avarice greed; to great a desire for wealth
barricade a defense barrier hastily thrown up, as in street fighting; any obstacle or barrier; to obstruct
arboreal having to do with trees; living in trees or adapted to living in trees
belligerent at war; relating to war; of fighting; showing an eagerness to fight; spoiling for a fight
astute being clever or shrewd in the mind; cunning; crafty; wily
bilk to thwart; to swindle; cheat; defraud; to escape or flee leaving unpaid debts; to elude
bicker to quarrel in a petty manner; to squabble; (rare) to move with quick ripping noises
canvass to look over carefully; to go to or among (people) to seek votes, orders; to try to get votes
burrow a hole dug by an animal or a tunnel in the ground; any hole or passage serving as a shelter, refuge; search as of by digging
buttress to support or reinforce with such a structure; to prop up; bolster
arid absent enough water for things to grow; dry; barren; dull; lifeless; of no interest
calamity deep trouble; misery; any great misfortune entailing sorrow and loss; disaster
authenticate to validate or make authentic; to verify; establish the truth of; to prove to be real, genuine
brandish to wave about or shake, in a threatening or challenging way; flourish
carnivore any of a number of fanged, flesh-eating mammals, like lions and tigers and bears
bereft without; devoid (of); deprived; bereaved
assiduous gone about with constant and careful attention; industrious; persevering
bore to make a hole with a drill; to dig a well, tunnel with a turning helical tool
assess to estimate the value of something for the purpose of taxing it; to estimate or determine the significance, importance, or worth of something; to evaluate
abridge to reduce in scope; to shorten while maintaining the essence
abstain to hold back (from); refrain from
accost to approach and greet first (often in an intrusive way)
acquisition the obtainment of something
acrimony bitterness; sharpness, or harshness of speech, manner, or temper
adept very skilled expert
adhere to stick to something; stick to a plan;to stay firm in support of a leader or a plan
adjudicate to hear and decide a court case
adorn to be ornamental to; add beauty or distinction to; put decorations on; ornament
adulate to praise too highly or flatter in a servile manner; to admire to an excessive degree
aerate to open to air or to cause air to circulate through; to get oxygen to the blood
aesthetic of beauty; sensitive to art and beauty; demonstrating good taste; being artistic
affront to openly or purposefully insult; offend; slight; to confront in a defiant manner
alacrity eager readiness or willingness, usually demonstrated by quick and lively action
amicable feeling friendly; demonstrating goodwill; peaceable
amorphous lacking definite form; shapeless; of no specific type; anomalous
ancillary underling or subordinate; often used with to; that serves as an aid; auxiliary
composure a calmness of mind or manner; tranquility; self-possession; one's togetherness
catnap a doze; a short, light sleep; to take a snooze
condescend to lower oneself to the level of the person one is dealing with; deign; to deal with others in a proud or haughty way
clique a small exclusive circle of people; snobbish or narrow coterie
colloquial normal conversational style; used to describe words, phase; informal
conflate to combine or mix; to bring together; to fuse; to join or meld
condemn to punish or brawl out, especially by using harsh public criticism
commencement the beginning or start
conundrum a riddle in which the answer contains a pun;any puzzling question or problem
cohere to stick together; to be connected naturally or logically, as by some common idea or principle; to become or stay united in action; be in accord
castigate to blame; strongly disapprove of; censure; to declare guilty of wrongdoing; to doom; to declare unfit for service
contaminate to corrupt, make impure, infect; by adding something that shouldn't be there; pollute
collusion a secret agreement for illegal or fraudulent purpose; conspiracy
congruous congruent; fitting; suitable
consensus an opinion held by all or most; general agreement of opinion
compulsion being forced; being coerced; an irresistible irrational impulse to perform an act
contemptuous full of scorn; full of contempt; disdainful
cloying displeasing or distasteful due to excess; excessively sweet, sentimental
contrite feeling sorrow; remorse; showing or resulting from repentance; regretting having doing wrong
compassion sorrow for suffering or problems of another or others, often accompanied by an urge to help; deep sympathy; pity
convergence a coming together; the point at which things come together
convey to carry from one place to another; transport; to act as a channel or medium for; to make known
conviction the finding that a person is guilty of a crime; a strong belief
coop a small cage, pen, or building for keeping poultry; any place of confinement
corroborate to back up the correctness of; to confirm; to support; to bolster
cosmopolitan representative of a wide area of the world; not local or provincial; not bound by local habits, likes, or dislikes; embodying worldly sophistication; fashionable, urbane
couch to lower or bring down to attack position; to put in certain or specific words or phrases; express
critic someone who makes judgments of people or things based on certain standards
critical inclined to find fault; censorious
curator someone in charge of a museum, library
curiosity wanting to learn or know
curtail to cut short; reduce; abridge
cynical believing that all personal actions are motivated by selfishness
debacle a torrent of debris-filled waters; an overwhelming defeat or route; a total, often ludicrous, collapse or failure
debunk to expose the false or exaggerated claims, pretensions, glamour of con artists and charlatans
decorous characterized by or showing propriety in behavior, dress; demonstrating good taste
deferment a postponement; a putting off to a later time
defiant full of angry resistance; openly and boldly resisting
deficit an amount of money less than the necessary amount; having more liabilities than assets, losses than profits, or expenditures than income
deficit the amount of money less than the necessary amount; having more liabilities than assets, losses than profits, or expenditures than income
deleterious bad for health or well-being; injurious; harmful
define to state or set down the boundaries of; to delinate
damagogue one who tries to rouse the people by appealing to emotion, prejudice; to win them over and attain power
demeanor outward manner; carriage; the way one behaves
democracy gvmt. by the people, with the populace holding the reins of power, either directly or through elected representatives
demonstrate to prove, show by reasoning
denounce to condemn publicly; inform against; to accuse of being evil
depict to portray; to represent in a painting, drawing, sculpture; to picture in words
deplore to be sorry about; to regret; lament; to regard as unfortunate or awful; to disapprove of; to condemn as wrong
deride to laugh at contemptuously or scornfully; to make fun of; ridicule
derivative using or taken from other sources; not original
descent coming or going down
desolate isolated; lonely; solitary
destitution the state or being very poor
detract to take or draw away (from); to belittle; disparage
diagnosis the act of finding or classifying a condition by means of medical examination, lab tests
digression the act of straying from the main theme or idea when talking or writing; temporary straying from the main theme
discern to clearly distinguish one thing from another or others
discordant not in agreement, conflicting; out of harmony
discourse exchange of ideas, information usually through talking or conversation
discovery finding out about, seeing, or knowing about first; making famous; bringing to the public's attention
discredit to reject as not true; to disbelieve
discretion the ability to decide or to choose; power to judge or act; the quality of being careful about what one does or says
disdain to regard or treat someone/thing as beneath one's dignity; to refuse or reject with aloofness and scorn
disingenuous not straightforward; not candid or frank; insincere
disparage to discredit; to speak ill of; show disrespect for; to belittle
disparate not alike; distinct or different in kind; unequal
exemplify to serve as an example
exorbitant above and beyond what is reasonable; immodest; excessive; extravagant
expedite to speed up, hasten, or facilitate something's happening; to do quickly
expertise knowledge and capability of one who is highly skilled and trained in some particular field
explicit distinctly and clearly stated; plain and easily understandable or observable
exploitation a using of something or someone in an unethical manner for one's own benefit or profit
express to squeeze out; to put into works; to reveal; to represent in artistic or musical form
extentuate to lessen or seem to lessen in seriousness by excuses
extol to sing praises of
extricate to set free; to release; to disentangle
fabrication something being constructed or manufactured; a made-up thing, especially a falsehood; false excuse; lie
factor any of the conditions, circumstances that bring on a certain result; to resolve an expression into its component factors
fallacious containing an error; mistaken; misleading or deceptive
fallible capable of making a mistake; apt to be erroneous or less than accurate
falsification a deliberately misleading account; misrepresentation; fraudulently altered record
fathom to measure the depth (of water); to understand completely; comprehend
feasible doable; practicable
felicitous appropriate; used in a way suitable to the occasion; having the knack to pleasingly express
firebrand a piece of burning wood; a person who stirs up a revolution, strife, or trouble
flippancy the quality or state of being frivolous and disrespectful; sauciness; impertinence
florid pink; rosy or ruddy in complexion; highly showy; decorated
flout to show contempt or scorn for; mock; to disregard openly; to defy; ignore
fluent flowing or smoothly moving along; able to read or write smoothly and clearly in a foreign language or technical terminology
focus the point at which waves (light, heat, sound) come together, or from which they seem to be generated; an adjustment of a lens to create a sharp image
foolhardy rash; reckless; bold or daring in a foolish way
foreboding prescience or portent, especially of something bad to come
forlorn deserted or abandoned; unhappy and lonely
forsake to give up; abandon; to leave; renounce
fortitude the strength to withstand pain and misfortune calmly and patiently
foster to carefully raise; rear; to nourish; help grow or develop; promote
fracture a break or split; to crack; to disrupt; to break up
frugal economic; thrifty; not wasteful; inexpensive; not costly
function to act in the usual or expected way; to serve or be used as
fundamental basic; at the root of; essential; radical; chief
gargantuan huge; gigantic
garish very showy; very bright and gaudy
genealogy a chart showing the ancestry of a person or family
generalize to put into nonspecific terms; to infer from
generation the act of producing something; the specific act of producing offspring; procreation
glacial of or like ice; of or like glaciers; produced by a glacier or during a glacial age; freezing, very cold
glissade a mountain climber's deliberate slide down a slow covered hill
glutton a person who can eat a copious amount
grandiose imposing; impressive' magnificent; having grandeur
gratuity a sum of money, often based on a percentage of the total bill, paid to a server or other service person; tip; present
greed desire for more than one needs or deserves; cupidity
grudging reluctant; with envy and resentment
hackneyed made commonplace or trite through overuse
harangue a long, loud scolding speech; a blustering tirade
heckle to annoy or harass a speaker by taunting or interrupting with annoying questions
hedonism the belief that the happiness of the individual or society is of paramount importance
heed pay close attention to
heinous terribly evil; wicked; abominable; totally awful
heritage any property that has been or will be inherited; the rights, status, or duties attached to having been born of a certain status or at a specific time or place; birthright
hierarchy a group of officials, persons, or things arranged by rank, class, grade
hinder to restrain; hold back, prevent
hostility a feeling of antagonism, ill will, unfriendliness, enmity
humanity human nature; the act or quality of being of the species Homo Sapiens
humorous funny; amusing; comical
hypocrite someone who pretends to be pious
hypothesis an unproved theory, supposition, presumption, often used to provide a jumping-off point for exploring further
idiosyncrasy a personal, peculiar mannerism or affectation; individual reaction to a food, drug
illusory unreal or deceptive; having the characteristics of an illusion
immoderate excessive; without restraint
impact to force together; to tightly pack
impart to make known; tell; reveal
impassioned filled with feeling, or showing very strong feeling
imperceptible barely noticeable; not clearly distinct to the mind or the senses; very subtle
impermanent temporary
impetuous acting or done suddenly; with little thought
impious lacking reverence for God; lacking respect or sense of obligation toward one's parents
implement to put into effect; to fulfill; accomplish
implication an involvement or connection with something, such as a crime
impound to take and hold or shut up in a pound
impugn to criticize or challenge as false or questionable in nature
impute to ascribe; to attribute to someone; to charge with
incinerator someone or thing that is used to burn things
incompetent lacking adequate ability, fitness; incapable; not meeting legal qualifications
incomprehensible not capable of being understood; unintelligible; obscure
inconsequential unimportant; trivial; of no consequence
inconsistent not in agreement; not uniform; self-contradictory; changeable
incorporate to join with something already there; to combine; to embody; to include
indecorous lacking propriety; lacking correctness; not in good taste; unseemly
indignation righteous anger; anger at injustice, unfairness, or ingratitude
indomitable not easily discouraged or subdued; unbeatable; not conquerable
ineffable overwhelming; too great to be described in words; too awesome or sacred to be spoken
inefficacious unable to bring about the desired result; not efficacious
inexorable unmovable by persuasion, argument, or entreaty; unrelenting
inhibit to restrain or hole back from some action; to keep back; keep in check
innocuous that does no harm or injury; harmless; not controversial or oppressive; innocent; uninspiring and dull
inordinate not regulated or orderly; lacking in moderation; too great
inquiry to act of seeking information; an investigation or looking at something; a question or questioning
insight the ability to intuitively grasp the inner nature of things; a clear understanding of the inner nature of a certain thing
insipid tasteless; unflavored; dull; lifeless; lacking tang or zest
insolent strongly disrespectful; impertinent; impudent in speech and behavior
instill to put in little by little; to impart a thought, idea, and principle
institution an established law, custom; an instituting establishment; an organization having a public character
integrate to make whole or complete by bringing parts together; to unify; to remove the social barriers of racial segregation
integrity wholeness; entirety
intellectual pertaining or appealing to the ability to reason; activities of the intellect
intemperate not moderate; lacking in restraint; excessive or severe; violent
interest a claim to or share of something; an involvement; a concern
intervention the act of coming between
intrepid not afraid; bold; fearless; very brave
intrigue to bring on by secret plotting; to excite the curiosity; fascinate
intrinsic essential nature; not depending on outside sources; inherent
intrusion the act of forcing one's self or ideas on another who has not asked for and does not welcome them
intuitive having to do with understanding or learning of something without use of reasoning; learning or knowing by such a feeling
inundate to cover with flood water; to engulf; to overrun with a rush or copious amount of anything
invaluable priceless; too valuable to measure
investigative of or inclined to look into the facts to find an answer
invigorate to fill with energy or vigor; to enliven
inviolable not to be profaned, injured, or violated
irrational lacking the power to reason
irreverence lack of respect or reverence; an act showing lack of respect; person's being treated with same
isolate to set apart from others; to cause to be alone; relating to something that has been set apart
jaded worn out; weary; tired
judicial pertaining to judges, courts, or their functions
justice impartiality and fairness
juxtaposition placed side by side or close together
languid lacking vitality; drooping; weak
latent hidden; present but not visible; inactive
lavish very generous in spending or giving; more than enough; abundant
levee a retaining wall built beside a river to prevent flooding; dike; a landing place on the riverbank; a ridge of earth built around a field that is to be irrigated
linchpin a pin that goes through the outer end of an axle to prevent the wheel from falling off
literal having to do with the letters of the alphabet
obdurate not easily moved to feeling empathy; not readily giving in; stubborn; inflexible
oblique slanting; indirect rather to the point; evasive and underhanded
obscurity the condition or quality of being difficult to perceive, hard to see, not well known, vague, or ambiguous
obstreperous noisy, unruly, or boisterous, especially in one's opposition to something
office a function or duty assigned to someone; a post or position of trust and/or authority; any government branch; the room, suit, or building occupied by people
onerous laborious; burdensome; more burdensome than rewarding
oppression a weighing heavily on the mind, spirit; or soul; worry; troubling; a keeping down by cruel or unjust use of power; a feeling of being weighted down as with worries or problems
orator a person who delivers a formal public speech
orchard an area of land set aside for the raising of fruit-bearing trees; such a stand of trees; a grove of fruit trees
ordain to order; establish; decree; to predestine; predetermine; to invest with the office of a rabbi, minister, or priest
ornate heavily adorned, often to excess; showy or flowery, as in some musical or literary styles
orthodox conforming to the established beliefs and doctrines; designating any of the churches of the Eastern Orthodox Church
ostensible apparent; seeming; professed
ostentatious showy display of wealth or learning; pretentious
ostracism barring; banishment; excluding
pallid pale; wan; faint in color
pantomime a play or presentation wherein the characters perform actions and gesticulate, but speak no words
paramount ranking above all others; utmost; chief; supreme
parasite one who lives at the expense of others and contributes nothing in return
paraboil partially boil to cut down on final cooking time, usually as a precursor to roasting; to make uncomfortably hot; overheat
parch to expose to great heat; to dry up from heat; make hot and dry; to make or be very thirsty
parenthetical interjected as explanatory or qualifying information
pariah an undesirable; one despised and rejected by others; an outcast; a member or the lowest social caste in India
parish an administrative district of many churches; the members of the congregation of any church; in Louisiana, the equivalent of a country in any other state
partisan a person who takes one side or the other in a contest or dispute; any of a group of guerrilla fighters; like or characteristic of a partisan; blindly loyal
passive acted upon without acting back; yielding; submissive; patient; taking no active part
paternal like or typical of a father; fatherly; inherited from or related on the father's side
pellagra a vitamin deficiency disease caused by a lack of adequate supply of Vitamin B, characterized by skin eruptions, gastrointestinal problems, and mental disorders
penurious unwilling to part with money; miserly; stingy; very poor; in poverty
perceive to mentally grasp; observe; take note of; to become ware of through one of the senses
perfidy a deliberate breaking of trust; faithfulness; treachery
perfunctory done without care; done routinely; superficial; indifferent; lacking in concern
periphery the edge; an outside boundary line; the perimeter; an outside surface, especially of a spherical object; the immediate surrounding territory; outskirts
perishable likely to spoil or deteriorate
permeate to pass into or through and affect every part; infest
perpetrator one who does something evil; doer of a crime; one who commits a hoax or a blunder
persnickety too fussy; too particular or precise; fastidious; showing or needing very careful treatment
perspicuity clear and easily understood; lucidity; clarity in statement and expression
pertinent to the point; connected to the matter under consideration; relevant
pervasive tending to spread throughout something or some group
philanthropic charitable; giving; benign; humanitarian; having a desire to help mankind
phlegmatic difficult to rouse to action because of sluggishness, dullness, apathy, coolness, calmness, or stolidity
physicist scientist dealing with the interaction of matter and energy
pinion a small gear whose teeth fit into a larger rack to accomplish motion; the last bony section of a bird's wing
placebo a harmless unpotent medication given to a patient to humor him or her, or used as a control in a blind test of medications
pliable easily bent or molded
ponderous very heavy; difficult to handle because of weight; bulky; massive; seemingly heavy; dull and labored
postscript a note added after the signature of a letter; an afterthought or supplementary information
potentate a person who has a great amount of power; ruler; monarch; emperor
powwow any conference or gathering
pragmatic concerned with everyday practices rather than theory or idealism; practical; opinionated; dogmatic
preamble an introduction, especially to a constitution, law stating what its purpose is
precarious uncertain; insecure; dependent on circumstances
dispersal a scattering; a spreading about
disregard to pay little or no attention to; to not respect; slight
dissemble to hide beneath a false appearance; to disguise; to hide the truth, or one's true feelings, motives by pretending; to behave hypocritically
disseminante to scatter far and wide; spread about, as if sowing seed; make known widely
dissent to have a different belief or opinion; disagree; to reject the doctrine of an established religion; the act of disagreeing, spec. a legal opinion against the majority's; religious nonconformity
dissimilar not alike; different
dissipate to break up and scatter; dispel; disperse
distinct not alike; different
diversion turning aside; distraction of attention
diviniation a trying to predict the future or examine the unknown by means beyond human understanding
divisive causing division, especially causing disagreement or dissension
divulge to make known; disclose; unveil; reveal
draft drawing or pulling of a vehicle or load; taking of liquid into the mouth; drinking; a rough or preliminary sketch of an artwork or a piece of writing
drub to beat, as with a stick or club; thrash
duplicity double-dealing; hypocritical cunning or deception
eccentric not having the same center; idiosyncratic; not exactly circular in shape or motion
eclectic taken from various sources, systems, or doctrines; made up of materials gathered from many different sources, systems, etc.
ecological having to do with the relations between living things and their environment or a certain organism and its environment
efficacious capable of creating the desired result; actually creating that result; effective
egregious terrible; filled with undesirable qualities; amazingly bad; flagrant
element the most basic part or principle of anything
elicit to draw out; evoke; to cause to be revealed
elocution vocalizing words distinctly when speaking in public; the art of public speaking or declaiming
elude to use quickness, cunning; to avoid being captured; evade
embitter to anger; make resentful or morose; to make more bitter; exacerbate; aggravate
embroil to mix things up; bungle; jumble; to lure into a battle or fight; get into trouble; entangle
emend to make scholarly corrections or improvements to a text; to correct or improve
emergence a becoming visible; coming forth into view; a coming out; an outgrowth from beneath the outer layer of a plant
emigrate to leave one country to settle down in another
eminent rising above other things or places, both literally and figuratively; high; lofty; projecting; prominent; protruding
emissary an agent of a government, a company, or an individual sent on a certain mission
emollient something with a softening or soothing effect, especially a medicinal lotion applied to the skin of the body
emulate to try to equal or surpass, often by copying
encompass to close in all around; surround
endorse to sign one's name on the back of a check
enervate to spa of strength, life, vigor; to weaken in some way, physically or otherwise; to devitalize
enmity the bitter anger or feeling of an enemy, or of mutual enemies toward one another; hostility; antagonism
ensemble all parts taken together; the total effect; a complete costume
epidemiology the branch of medicine that investigates the causes and control of epidemics
epitaph words written on a tomb or gravestone in memory of the person buried there
epitomize to summarize the main points of a book, report, incident
eradicate to tear out by the roots; uproot; get ride of; wipe out; destroy
erratic without fixed course or purpose; irregular; random; meandering
essence something existing; entity
evanescent tending to be transitory; having the tendency to pass or fade from sight; ephemeral
evitable avoidable
exacerbate to increase in intensity; to sharpen; aggravate
exasperation great irritation or annoyance; vexation
exculpate to prove to be without blame or guilt; to declare to be guiltless
excursion a short trip with intent to return relatively soon to the point of origin
exemplary a model; worthy of imitation; serving as a warning; acting as a sample, illustration
precedence priority because of superiority in rank, age, seniority
precedent an earlier decision, judgement, act of law, case, etc. that serves as an example for a later one; something done based on earlier events
precept a rule of moral conduct; maxim; a commandment or directive meant as a rule of conduct
precipitate to cause to happen before expected or desired; to hasten
preclude to make impossible; to cut out of the realm of possibilities; to prevent
precocious matured to a level beyond that which is normal for one of that age
predecessor a person who held the same office before the one currently occupying it
prehensile adapted for grabbing, such as the tails of many monkeys; grasping
premise a prior statement or condition that serves as the basis for an argument or procedure; the underlying assumption
prepossess to prejudice or bias, especially favorably
presumptuous overconfident or arrogant; taking too much for granted
pretense an unsupported claim of having accomplished something; a false claim; a pretending, as in make-believe
pretentious claiming some importance or distinction; ostentatious; showing off; self-important
primarily first; originally; principally; mainly
procure to get or bring about by some effort; obtain; secure
profundity of great depth, especially intellectually; a profound matter, idea
profusion a pouring forth with great abundance; great liberalness and wastefulness; a rich or lavish amount
prolific producing an abundance of fruit or offspring; producing many works of the mind
provocative provoking or tending to provoke to action, thought, feeling; stimulating; erotic
proximity the state or property of being near in space or time
quandary a state of uncertainty; a puzzling position or a perplexing situation; a predicament
quell to crush; to put an end to; to subdue; to allay or assuage; to quiet
querulous complaining; peevish; inclined to find fault
quizzical comical; odd; teasing; bantering; perplexing
radicalism the quality or state of being extreme, especially in political matters
rancorously maliciously; spitefully; with continuous bitter ill will or hatred
raucous hoarse; rough sounding; loud and bawdy
reactionary characteristic of or advocating definition
rebuff to snub; bluntly reject; to check or turn back
reconcile make consistent; become friendly again; to settle
reconnoiter to make a reconnaisance, to seek out information about enemy installations or positions; to make a preliminary survey
recrimination the answering of an accusation by accusing the accuser; countercharge
rectify to set right; correct
redoubtable formidable; fearsome; commanding respect
redundancy to quality of being excessive; super-fluity; an overabundance
refract to cause a ray of light to bend, as it does when passing obliquely from one medium to another of different density; to measure the degree of bending of a ray of light
refute to prove to be wrong; to prove incorrect by argument or evidence
regale to entertain with a great feast; to delight with something enjoyable or amusing
regurgitate to cause to flow backward, notably from the stomach to the mouth; to give back information that has been only partially digested
relapse to slip or fall back into a former condition, disease, or bad habit, especially after improvement
relinquish to abandon
remiss negligent in; careless about; lax
remnant what is left over; remainder; a small remaining part or quantity; last trace; a piece of cloth or carpet left at the end of a roll
remnant what is left over; remainder
remuneration the act of paying for work done; reward; payment; compensation
prender to deliver, present, or submit for payment; to give in return; to pay something due or owed; to represent or depict
renovate to make sound again; to clean up and make like new; to revive; refresh
renunciation the act of formally giving up, often at the cost of a right, claim, title, etc.
repentance a feeling of sorrow or self-reproach for what one has done or has not done
reprehensible deserving reprimand or rebuke; fault filled; awful
repudiate refuse to have anything to do with; disown; to deny the validity or authority of
resplendent brightly shining; dazzling; splendid
retroactive affecting things that took place earlier; going into effect at a specified date in the past
reveler one who is noisily partying; one delighting in one's freedom; a merrymaker
revulsion extreme shock, disgust, or repugnance
rhetoric the art or skill of using words effectively in speaking or writing
ridicule the act of making someone or something the object of scorn; to mock; to poke fun at
rite a formal ceremony or act associated with a religious procedure or observance
ruffian hoodlum; a violent, lawless, brutal person; a tough guy
rural not urban or suburban
sacrosanctity something very sacred; holiness; inviolability
sagacious showing keen perception and sound judgment
salvage to save or rescue from a shipwreck, or fire, flood, etc.; to engage in the saving of goods or wrecked ships; anything so rescued, especially the refloating of lost ships for historical purpose or for monetary compensation, or the recovery of goods from wreckages
sanctimonious pretending to be very holy or pious; feigning righteousness
sanction authorized approval or empowerment from an authoritative agent or agency; support, encouragement; a coercive measure taken by a group to bring someone or something into line
satire a literary work, or works, that uses sarcasm, irony, etc. to expose and attack or deride vices, foibles
scalpel a small, light knife with a very sharp blade used by surgeons and for dissections
scapegoat a person, place, or thing upon which the crimes or misdeeds of others are blamed
scholar a learned person
scrutinize to look at very carefully
séance a meeting at which a medium or psychic attempts to communicate with the dead
sedative soothing or quieting
sentence the judgement of a court of law
sentiment a complex combination of opinions and feelings; an emotional attitude; the meaning behind something
serendipity an apparent gift for discovering god things by accident; luck or good fortune in accidentally finding something good
shun deliberately stay away from; scrupulously and consistently avoid
sinnuate s-shaped, like a sine curve
skeptical not easily persuaded or convinced
smugness self-satisfaction to an annoying degree; complacency
solace an easing of loneliness, grief, or discomfort; comfort; relief
solicitude the state of showing care, concern, sometimes to excess
somber dark and gloomy; dull
sonnet a poem, usually 14 lines in length in iambic pentameter, generally on a single theme
spate an unusually large outpouring, usually one of words
specious seeming to be correct, without really being so; plausible, but not actual
spectacle a strange and/or remarkable sight; a public exhibition on a grand scale
spurious false; make-believe; not genuine
squelch to crush or squash by stamping on
stemming stopping or checking; closing, plugging, or tamping a hole; removing the stem from a vegetable or a piece of fruit
stimulant any drug, medication, experience, sight, etc. that temporarily excites some organ or the central nervous system
stradle to have one's legs on either side of
subjective governed by what is in one's mind, rather than by reality; not objective; personal; introspective
subtlety the ability or tendency to be able to make fine distinctions; the quality or condition of being delicately skillful or clever
subvert to undermine or corrupt; to overthrow an established power by indirect means
sully soil; stain; tarnish or besmirch, especially by disgracing
superficial limited to the surface; concerned with the obvious only
supplant to replace; supersede
surfeit excess; too great a supply
surreptitious clandestine; done in a secret or stealthy way
susceptible easily affected or emotionally moved; sensitive in nature; easily influenced
synergistic the simultaneous working together of several organs or agencies
synonymous equivalent or similar in meaning; having the nature of a synonym; being another word or name for
synthesize to put together different parts to form a whole; to assemble
talisman something (ring, necklace, bracelet) bearing symbols or engraved figures thought to bring good luck; anything thought to have magic power
tangential diverging or digressing; going off at an angle, like a tangent
temerity audacity; recklessness; foolhardiness
temperament one's usual state of mind or disposition; nature; natural disposition
temperance self-restraint
tenacious holding on firmly; retaining well; retentive; persistent; stubborn
tendency an inclination, bent, or propensity to move in a certain direction; an apparent moving toward some particular purpose; drift; a purpose or point of view
tentative proposed, but not definite; uncertain
tenuous not substantial; flimsy; inconclusive
testimony a declaration or statement made under oath, sometimes in response to questioning, before a court of some sort; a public affirmation; any kind of evidence; any sworn statement
tether a rope or cord fastened to something to prevent its escape; to tie up or confine something/someone using a tether
therapeutic working to heal or cure; curative
throng a great number of people gathered together; a crowd; a mass of things; multitude
timorous full of fear; subject to fear; timid; caused by timidity
tome a book, especially a large, ponderous, and/or scholarly one
torpid temporarily having lost all sensation and the ability to move
tourniquet a pressure bandage whose purpose is to temporarily clamp off the flow of blood through a part of the body
tractable easily managed, controlled, or taught; docile; compliant; easily workable, malleable
tranquillity the quality or state of peacefulness; calmness; serenity
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