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Abhor Definition: Hate
Bigot Definition: Prejudiced Person
Counterfeit Definition: Fake; False
Enfranchise Definition: Give Voting Rights
Hamper Definition: Hinder; Obstruct
Kindle Definition: To Start a Fire
Noxious Definition: Harmful; Poisonous; Lethal
Placid Definition: Calm; Peaceful
Remuneration Definition: Payment For Work Done
Talisman Definition: Lucky Charm
Abrasive Definition: Rough; Coarse; harsh
Bilk Definition: Cheat; Defraud
Covert Definition: Hidden; Undercover
Engender Definition: Cause
Hangar Definition: Storage Area For a Plane
Knotty Definition: Complex
Nuance Definition: Something Subtle
Plagiarism Definition: Taking Credit For Someone Else's Ideas
Renown Definition: Fame
Tangent Definition: Going Off The Main Subject
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