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Furrow groove
Furtive secret; sly
Futile useless; hopeless
Gaffe blunder; social mistake
Galleon old sailing ship
Gambol frolic; skip about
Garble distort; muddle
Garish gaudy
Garner gather; collect
Garrulous talkative
Gaunt emaciated; bony and angular
Genre a category; type
Germane relevant
Germinal in early stage of development
Gibbering speaking inarticulately
Glacial hostile; cold; icy; slow
Glib flip, superficial speech
Goad prod; urge
Grate (v) annoy; shred
Gratis free of charge; without payment
Gratuitous unwarranted; free
Gravity seriousness
Gregarious extroverted; outgoing
Gritty coarse; courageous
Guffaw loud burst of laughter
Guile cunning; craftiness
Guileless honest; frank
Gullibility unwariness; trustfulness
Gullible easily fooled
Gustatory concerned with the sense of taste
Hackneyed common; trite
Halcyon calm; peaceful
Hallowed worshipped; consecrated
Hamper hinder; obstruct
Hangar large storage structure (e.g. for plane)
Harangue long attacking speech
Harbingers indicators; one that announces a future occurrence
Hasten hurry; accelerate; rush
Haughtiness arrogance; pride
Headstrong obstinate; stubborn
Hedonism self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
Hedonist a pleasure seeker
Heed listen to; give attention to
Heresy opinion contrary to orthodox doctrine
Hiatus break; interruption; gap
Hidebound rigid in opinion; conservative
Hieroglyphics writing with symbols
Hinder obstruct
Histrionic theatrical; exaggerated
Hoary old
Hone sharpen; whet
Hortatory encouraging; exhorting
Hyperbole intentional exaggeration
Hypochondriac person preoccupied with health
Hypocritical insincere; pretending to hold beliefs not actually held
Iconoclast person who opposes orthodoxy
Idiosyncrasy characteristic peculiar to individual
Idyll story set in peaceful (usually pastoral) scene
Ignominious shameful; humiliating
Illuminate to light up; enlighten
Illusory deceptive; false; misleading
Immoderate excessive; extreme
Immutable unchanging; permanent
Impartial unbiased; neutral
Impecunious poor
Imperturbability quality of being calm, not easily agitated
Impious wicked; profane
Impoverished destitute; poor
Impromptu unrehearsed; spontaneous
Impugned challenged; cast doubt upon
Inadvertent unintentional
Incantation chant; invocation; prayer
Incarceration putting in prison; confinement
Incessant non stop
Inchoate undeveloped; unorganized
Incipient in initial stage; beginning
Incise cut into
Inclination tendency; disposition
Incoherent not logical; lacking cohesion
Incongruous out of place
Inconsequential unimportant; insignificant
Inconspicuous subtle; not prominent
Indelible cannot be wiped out
Indifferent neutral; not outstanding
Indigenous native to a particular area
Indolence laziness; inactivity
Inductee novice; beginner
Indulgent pampering; satisfying desires
Inebriation drunkenness; intoxication
Ineffable incapable of being expressed in words
Inept incompetent; unskilled; useless
Inertia inactivity; lethargy
Inevitable cannot be avoided
Inexorable relentless
Inexpedient not advisable; unsuitable
Infallible unfailing; unable to err
Infamous having a bad reputation
Infer deduce; conclude
Ingénue naïve, unsophisticated person
Ingrate ungrateful person
Inimical hostile; harmful
Iniquitous wicked; unjust
Innate inborn; inherent
Innocuous harmless; inoffensive
Innovate create; make something new
Inscrutable mysterious; impenetrable; not easily understood
Insentient unfeeling; inanimate
Insipid dull; bland; vapid
Instigate to start; provoke
Insurgent rebel; one who forcible opposes authority
Interminable never-ending; incessant
Intermittent sporadic; irregular; repeated stopping and starting
Interregnum time period between reigns or governments
Intransigent stubborn; uncompromising
Intrepid brave; undaunted
Inured hardened; habituated
Inveigle coax or entice with flattery
Inveterate habitual; long time
Invidious causing animosity or envy
Inviolable cannot be violated; in assailable
Irascible easily angered
Ire anger
Irksome annoying; infuriating
Ironic conveying meaning opposed to literal meaning; unexpected
Irrational unreasonable; illogical
Irreproachable free of blame
Irrevocable unalterable; cannot be cancelled
Itinerant nomadic; travelling from place to place
Jaded dull; worn out
Jamb door post
Jargon vocabulary specific to a profession or group
Jaundiced affected by bitterness/ resentment
Jaunt short journey
Jeopardize put at risk; endanger
Jingoistic militaristic national chauvinism
Jocular in a joking manner
Jollity gaiety; cheerfulness
Jubilant delighted; rejoicing
Judicious wise
Jurisprudence science or philosophy of law
Juxtapose place side by side for contrast
Kindle start a fire
Knotty intricate; difficult
Labyrinthine complicated; tortuous
Laceration cut; tear
Lachrymose tearful; sad
Lackluster dull; lacking vitality
Laconic concise
Lacuna gap; missing part
Lambaste beat; or reprimand verbally
Lamentation expression of sorrow or grief
Lampoon ridicule; spoof
Lance spear; to pierce (v)
Languid listless; slow
Languish become weak; fade away; be ignored
Larceny theft; robbery; stealing
Largess generosity
Lascivious lustful
Lassitude lack of energy; weariness
Laud praise
Lavish profusive; in great amounts
Lax careless; not strict
Leaven to make light; modify; cause bread to rise using yeast etc.
Legend myth or story; key to map
Legion in large numbers; military unit
Lethargic tired; without energy
Levity flippancy; jocularity
Libertine someone unrestrained morally; prodigal
Libido sexual desire
Lien right to sell property held as a security; legal hold on job etc.
Limpid transparently clear
Liniment soothing ointment
Lint fluff; soft material used to cover wounds
Litany prayer; lengthy recitation; repetitive account
Lithe flexible; supple
Liturgy form of worship
Livid very angry
Lobbyist person who tries to influence law makers
Lofty high;exalted; haughty
Loll laze around; hang out (when used of the tongue)
Longevity duration of life
Lope run with long strides
Loquacious talkative
Lucid clear; easily understood
Lucre money; gains
Ludicrous ridiculous; silly
Lugubrious mournful; gloomy; dismal
Lukewarm tepid; indifferent
Lumber move clumsily; timber (wood)
Luscious juicy; moist
Lynch assassinate; kill; illegal hanging
Macerate soften by soaking in liquid; cause to thin
Machinations crafty schemes
Maculated spotted
Maelstrom whirlpool; tumult
Magnanimous generous; big-hearted
Magnate important person in a field, usually business
Maladroit awkward; unskillful
Malady illness
Malediction curse
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