The End of WW1

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On what date did the fighting end in the First World War? 11th November 1918
Which leaders were called the "Big Three" at the Treaty of Versailles? Clemenceau, Lloyd-George, Wilson
Which of the Big Three wanted to punish Germany the most? France
Which country did NOT want to punish Germany severely? USA
Who came up with the 14 points? Wilson
Give one example of the 14 points Create a League of Nations/ No secret treaties/ Free Trade/ Disarmament/ Self Determination
When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? June 1919
Which area of Germany was 'de-militarised'? The Rhineland (border with France)
What was article 231 of the Treaty? War Guilt
What size was Germany's army reduced to? 100,000 men
How much reparations was Germany told to pay? When was this decided upon? £6,600 Million, 1921
What did the Mandates commission deal with? Taking away and running Germany's overseas colonies
Give two other examples of restrictions placed on Germany's armed forces No tanks, no submarines, Fortifications destroyed, only 6 ships, 15,000 sailors, no air force
Which country was Germany not allowed to make an alliance with? Austria
Give two reasons why the Treaty of Versailles could be seen as harsh It was international disputes that lead to the outbreak of war Had to accept sole blame for starting the war German anger could lead to future war
Explain two reasons why Germany hated the Treaty of Versailles Couldn't afford reparations Called treaty "diktat" (dictated peace) Lost industrial areas and could not rebuild Loss of pride due to military restrictions
List the four other countries affected by peace treaties at the end of WW1 Bulgaria Austria Turkey Hungary (BATH)
Give 3 key features of the other peace treaties Military restrictions Land Losses Reparations
Name the treaty agreed with Austria and give one term of this treaty St. Germain No navy
Give one impact of this treaty on Austria Empire taken away and divided Caused economic collapse Separated Austria and Hungary
Which country was the treaty of Sevres agreed with? Turkey
Why was this changed at Lausanne? Turkish people overthrew their leader and refused the harsh terms of the treaty, negotiated new friendlier treaty
Name the treaty agreed with Bulgaria and the year it was signed Neuilly, 1919
Which country was the treaty of Trianon agreed with and name one effect? Hungary, lost 2/3 of its land, never paid reparations
List the four main aims of the LoN Encourage international cooperation Improve living and working conditions, stop aggression, disarmament.
List three permanent members of the League Council France, Italy, Britain, Japan
List two countries that did not initially join the League Germany, Russia, USA
What powers did the LoN hold to enforce its decisions? Moral Condemnation, Economic Sanctions, Armed Force
Give two reasons why the LoN could be considered weak USA didn't join, Unanimous decisions only, result of the hatred of the Treaty of Versailles, No official army, council members looked after their own interests
Give two examples of "Special Commissions" Drug addiction, Health, Slavery, refugees, women
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