GCSE History: The Succession Crisis of 1066


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William of Normandy was Edward's what? Second cousin.
Who's reign was coming to an end when Edward was invited to be heir? Harthacnut's reign.
Who was Harold Godwinson's father? Godwine, earl of Wessex.
Who did Edward marry in 1045? Godwine's daughter Edith, they did not have any children.
Who was allegedly nominated to be heir in 1051? It's said that Edward nominated William, but in conflicting evidence, Edward nominated Harold on his deathbed.
How did the Godwine family become wealthy? Godwine proved himself to be a loyal statesman.
Where were Godwine's two sons earls? East Anglia and West Country.
When were the Godwine family banished? In 1051. However, they returned in 1052.
Who became the new Earl of Wessex when Godwine died in 1053? Harold Godwinson.
What event showed that the Godwine family was still seen as subordinate by the king? The Northumbrian Crisis in 1065, where thegns decided they were tired of Tostig (Harold's brother) and overthrew him. The king accepted this event.
How had William helped Edward when he was coming back to England to become king? He sent him soldiers, and through this friendship Edward eventually promised William the throne (allegedly).
In 1064, what happened to Harold? He got shipwrecked on the coast of Normandy.
What does The Bayeux Tapestry show? It shows Harold making his oath to William while he watches.
What was Harold's reason for not honouring the oath? He claimed that because it was made under pressure, he did not have to follow through with it.
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