8.5 Mineral Resources


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Unit 8.5 Mineral Resources
What are minerals? Minerals are naturally occurring chemical substances that make up igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
What is an ore mineral? An ore mineral contains metal or some other valuable material. Some ore minerals are pure elements.
Name an example of a pure element. Gold is one of the few elements that can be found in nature as a pure element.
What is a metal found as a pure element also known as? Native Metal
Name two examples of native metals. Two examples of native metals are silver and copper.
What is Australia an important exporter of? Titanium,Nickel,Copper,Tin & Silver
When do prices of minerals increase? The prices of minerals increase in demand from other countries, and prices fall if there is less demand for our minerals.
How are most minerals formed? Most minerals are formed by the processes of heat & pressure.
What is the difference between stalagmites & stalactites? Stalagmites rise from the floor while stalactites hang from the ceiling.
What are hydrothermal fluids? A superheated fluid that circulates through the Earth's Crust.
What are mineral resources? Minerals that are dug up and used are known as mineral resources.
What are the three processes of obtaining minerals? Mining, Processing & Rehabillation
Mining The resource is removed from the ground
Processing The unwanted materials are removed, and the wanted material is exracted.
Rehabilation After all mining and processing is completed, theming site is repaired.
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