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Give two disadvantages of streaming rather than downloading 2 marks Video is not available to watch offline/ cannot keep a local copy, LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR SOME STREAMED VIDEO, User experience is dependent on connection quality/ playback might be affected by buffering/ video might lag/ video might freeze.
Apart from gaming give two other uses for games consoles 2 marks View HD movies using Blu-ray drive, USING INTERNET CONNECTION TO STREAM MOVIES, Bluetooth keyboards allow consoles to be used for email and instant messaging, WATCH DIGITAL TELEVISION CHANNELS AND USE CONSOLE STORAGE TO PAUSE REWIND AND RECORD PROGRAMS.
Give two disadvantages of buying a computer rather than a games console Likely to be more expensive with same speed and graphic capabilities, COMPUTER NEEDS TO BE SETUP AND HAVE SOFTWARE INSTALLED WHEREAS GAMES CONSOLE IS READ TO PLAY STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX, You need flat surface for computer wherereas can play games console anywhere
Give two advantages of buying a computer rather than a games console Computer can be used for work and running programs but a games console can only be used for playing games, watching movies and online surfing, CAN USE COMPUTER SCREEN BUT GAMES CONSOLE HAS TO BE CONNECTED TO A TV OR MONITOR, Can play more multiplayer online games with computer but with games console can only play with users of the same console,
Explain how playing games online can develop social and other skills 3 marks
So me people claim that playing video games is beneficial. Make a reasoned argument to support this view 6 marks
Explain why having digital zoom when filming wildlife is not good 2 marks A digital zoom only crops and enlarges that part of the image in the viewfinder and does not actually zoom into the picture. Optical zoom works by changing the focal length of the lens so that light from distant objects can be brought to a focus on the sensor.
Alice is touring Europe for a year and wants to upload videos to her blog fro her friends to watch at home. Suggest two features of a camcorder that would be useful to Alice. 1. A GPS receiver so that she can geotag her videos for her friends to check where she is. 2. WI-FI FOR UPLOADING VIDEOS TO HER BLOG
State what GPS tagging does 1 mark It stores the exact location of where a video was recorded.
State why GPS tagging is a useful feature 1 mark For reference, so that you can see where videos were taken to attach them to a map.
State on potential use of Wi-fi connectivity 1 mark Users can use wi-fi to upload their photos or videos to online albums or social networking sites without having to download the files to a computer.
List two features of personal media players that make them suitable when running 2 marks 1. Use solid state memory so playback isn't affected by movement 2. PORTABLE
What file would an image be stored in? AVI JPEG WMV Doc 1 mark JPEG
List two peripherals you could use with your personal media player 2 marks Headphones, SPEAKERS, Docking stations, REMOTE CONTROL Solarpower chargers
Give two advantages of streaming rather than downloading 2 marks Does not use much storage space, NO NEED TO WAIT FOR FILE TO DOWNLOAD BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO, Allows user to watch live/ real time
Give two benefits to a school of issuing all students with netbooks 2 marks 1. Fits easily on desk alongside text books 2. RELATIVELY INEXPENSIVE
State 3 features that would be especially important to you if you stored and watched many movies, music and liked to edit photos 3 marks 1. Storage capacity 2. SOUND/GRAPHICS 3. Processor speed OR Screen resolution CONNECTIVITY
State one risk to your health from extended use of touch screen interface 1 mark Possible RSI, EYE STRAIN, Finger stress/pressure on fingers
a) Camcorder B, b) 1. TO VIEW WHAT IS BEING RECORDED, 2. To preview/ review the footage
State one reason why DVD is a more suitable way to back up his video files than CD 1 mark DVDs have a larger storage
Identify one local storage device, other than CD or DVD drive, that could be used for back ups Memory stick
Suggest two reasons why SD cards are suitable for personal media players 2 marks 1. No moving parts so not easily damaged, 2. CAN BE USED TO TRANSFER DATA BETWEEN DEVICES
State two input devices you can use with a games consoles 2 marks 1. A steering wheel, 2. A BALANCE BOARD
List two peripheral devices that could be connected to a personal media player 2 marks Headphones, SPEAKERS, Microphone
Explain why Simon would want to 'synchronise' his media player 3 marks Sychronisation allows two connected devices to swap data automatically. Simon can set the software, for example iTunes, to update his media player with new or changed items on his computer. If he has downloaded a new music file to the computer or changed some contact details, then the software will automatically update the media player . The computer can also update the media player's software if a new update has been downloaded to the computer.
List two methods of wirelessly connecting a media player to a computer 2 marks Bluetooth, WI-FI
Explain why Wi-fi enabled speakers may be better than bluetooth 2 marks Wi-fi enabled speakers have a greater range than bluetooth which means that wi-fi speakers would be more versatile/ could have more options for placing around the house.
State two features that can make a phone easier to use 2 marks 1. Louder ring tone, 2. CLEARER DISPLAY
List two ways, apart from SMS, in which you can communicate using your smartphone 2 marks MMS, email
Describe on feature of modern mobile phones that has improved the user experience when watching movies 2 marks Improved screen resolution means that the movies look better on the mobile phones, LARGE STORAGE MEANS THAT BETTER QUALITY MOVIES CAN BE STORED IN THE PHONE MEMORY.
Describe what is meant by a 'network band'. Mobile phones in different areas of the world usae different network bands or frequencies. I users want to use their mobile phones abroad they will have a dual band , tri band or to cover the whole world, a quad band phone.
State two ways you can protect information on your phone 2 marks Set a pin, PASSWORD PROTECT, Lock SIM card, ENCRYPT DATA
Give two features of netbooks which make them suitable for people travelling 2 marks 1. Light and portable 2. LONG BATTERY LIFE
List two peripherals you can use when travelling by train 2 marks 1. Flash memory stick 2. CD ROM
Tablet computer B
What would you need to consider if you want to use your devices when you are away from home? 6 marks Portability (weight/ size/ robust), MULTIFUNCTIONALITY, Compatibility, POWER ADAPTERS/ CHARGERS, Region restrictions, MOBILE NETWORKS, Battery life, DATA ROAMING CHARGES, Connectivity, SOCIOCULTURAL IMPACTS, Additional storage, AVAILABILITY OF INTERNET, Security of the device/ insurance, PERSONAL SECURITY,
Explain how having access to the Internet can enhance a person's work life 3 marks They will be able to collaborate with work colleagues more easily, Being able to use specialist software, such as spreadsheet software, makes them more productive, THEY WILL BE ABLE TO COLLABORATE WITH WORK COLLEAGUES MORE EASILY, Thanks to teleconferencing and videoconferencing they have to travel to fewer meetings saving them time
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