Young Achievers unit 2 3ep and Movers vocabulary (animals and appearance)


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It´s an Australian animal that has got big feet and can jump. kangaroo
It´s a brown liquid that is made by bees. Bears like a lot. honey
Hens lay them. eggs
It´s an animal that lives in your house like a dog, cat etc pet
It´s when your hair has got waves. curly
It´s a yellow cream that you can put on your toast with jam. butter
It´s a vegetable that is oval and round and you can eat it as puree. potato
It´s the part of the body of an animal that is at the end of its back. tail
It´s when your hair is blonde. fair
It´s the opposite of old. young
It´s made of milk like the cheese. yoghurt
They grow in the forest and takes the form of a domed cap. mushrooms
It´s a colourful bird that can repeat words. parrot
They are in your mouth and you use them to eat. tooth/teeth
It´s the hair that men have under their nose. moustache
When a person asks how old you are, he is asking about your ...... age
They are red fruit like strawberries, but they are smaller. raspberries
This food comes from animals like pigs, cows etc. meat
It´s a white liquid that comes from animals like cows, sheep etc milk
It´s the part of the body that connects your neck and your arm. shoulder
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