Physics - Energy, Power & Work


Some Physics Formulas and Notes on Kinetic Energy and Power.
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What is the law of conservation of energy? That energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can change from one form to another.
What type of energy does an moving object have? Kinetic energy
What is stored mechanical energy called? Potential energy
When an object is lifted, what is it given? Gravitational potential energy
What is the second type of potential energy? Elastic potential energy
What is chemical energy? energy that is stored in food and other fuels
Name types of energy Kinetic, elastic potential, gravitational potential, nuclear, electrical, sound, light, chemical
What is work? A force causing an object to move a given distance, the force must be acting in the same direction as the displacement (s)
What is Kinetic energy associated with? movement; any object with speed has kinetic energy
What two factors that can affect how much kinetic an object has? mass and speed
What is the formula for WORK? W=Fs (W-work (j); F-force(N); s-displacement (m)
What is the formula for Kinetic energy? K= 1/2 mv(v is squared) KE=kinetic energy (J); m=mass (kg); v--speed (m/s)
What is gravitational potential energy associated with? the position that an object has in a gravitational field
What three factors affect how much Potential energy an object has? mass, height, and acceleration due to gravity
What are the main two that differ on earth? mass and height
What is the formula for gravitational potential energy? Ug= mgh (Ug=gravitational potential energy (J), m=mass (kg), g=acc. due to grav. (m/s2), h= vertical height (m)
Give the two formulas for power. power= (change in energy)/time power= work/time
What is energy efficiency? using less energy to do the same amount of work
What is the formula for E.E? e= energy(out)/energy(in) x 100%
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