Vocabulary: Places, everyday activities and senses and unit 1 B1


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If you want to chat to your friends, you have to ... go on line
If you need to buy three birthday presents quickly, you go to a ... department store
If you want to play bowling with your friends, you have to go to the .... bowling alley
If you need to eat something before having lunch because you´re very hungry, you ... have a snack
This drink .... delicious. Try one. tastes
When you tidy up, clean the window, do the ironing etc, you are .... doing the housework
... to the rain on the windows. It´s so loud. Listen
If you talk about your memories when you were a child, you´re talking about your ... childhood
You need to send an email to a friend and you haven´t got a computer, so you go to an ... internet café
The colloquial word that means the same as "lots of" is ... loads of
The music you´re playing ....beautiful. sounds
If you want to skate on ice, you go to the ... ice rink
it´s a mixture made of milk and ice cream or fruit. milkshake
You found a wallet in the street. You go to the .... police station
What is the sense you´re using when you feel something? touch
If you want to see pictures, you go to an ... art gallery
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