Jekyll and Hyde


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Jekyll and Hyde
  1. Themes
    1. 'The duality of human nature'
      1. Science and the unexplained
        1. The law and the unexplained
          1. represents the standards of conventional society and the law
            1. doesn't have the imagination to understand what Jekyll is doing.
          2. The names 'Jekyll' and 'Hyde'
            1. Jekyll = Je Kill = I kill
              1. In the last chapter, Jekyll describes how he tried to get rid of (kill) the Hyde in him.
              2. Hyde = Hide
                1. hidden from view, or the rough skin of an animal. Jekyll is in some way trying to kill the hidden Hyde and his animal nature.
              3. The size and age of Jekyll and Hyde
                1. Jekyll is much bigger than Hyde. This is seen particularly when Hyde's small body is found in the much larger clothes of Dr Jekyll. Hyde is a smaller part of Jekyll, but that if people repress the bad in them it will take over and destroy them.
                  1. Hyde is younger and more energetic than Jekyll. This suggests evil is something that develops later in life, after a period of childhood innocence.
                    1. Suggests Stevenson felt there is something primitively energetic and exciting about mankind's baser nature; that the 'higher', respectable nature of social humans is repressed and tame.
                  2. Plot Summary
                    1. Characters
                      1. Dr Jekylll
                        1. Dr Lanyon
                          1. Mr Utterson
                            1. Mr Hyde
                              1. Mr Enfield
                                1. Poole
                                  1. Sir Danvas Carew
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