Physics P1


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Physics P1
  1. Heating Houses
    1. Energy Flow
      1. Heat energy flows from a warmer body to a colder body
        1. When this happens, the temperature of that object decreases
      2. Measuring Temperature
        1. a thermogram uses colour to show temperature; hottest ares are white/yellows, coldest are black/dark blue/purple
          1. Temperature is a measurement of hotness on an arbitrary scale. You do not need to use a thermometer
            1. When the temperature of a body increases, the average kinetic energy of the particles increases
            2. Heat is a measurement of internal energy measured on an absolute scale
            3. Specific Heat Capacity
              1. All substances have a property called SHC
                1. It is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg by 1 degree Celsius
                  1. It is measured in joules per kilogram degree Celsius (J/kg degree Celsius). It differs for different materials
                  2. When a object is heated and its temperature rises, energy is transferred
                    1. The equation for energy transfer by SHC is: energy transferred = mass x SHC x temperature change
                  3. Specific Latent Heat
                    1. It is the energy needed to melt or boil 1 kg of the material
                      1. It is measured in joule per kilogram (J/kg) and differs for different materials and each of the changes of state
                        1. The equation for energy transfer by specific latent heat is: energy transferred = mass x specific latent heat
                      2. When an object is heated and it changes state, energy is transferred, but the temperature remains constant
                        1. This is because when a substance changes state, energy is needed to break the bonds that hold the molecules together
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