I'm the king of the castle


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I'm the king of the castle
  1. Plot
    1. chap 1 - 4 = intro, conflict between hooper and kingshaw, crow incident, bullying starts
      1. 5 - 9 = Hang Wood, Hooper weak, Kingshaw strong, shift of powers
        1. 10 - 13 = Kingshaw frustated and isolated, Helena ignores him, Leydell Castle incident
          1. 14 - 17= Hooper in hospital, fielding, adults wedding, Kingshaw suicides
          2. Themes
            1. Nature of evil
              1. Red Room and moths, crow, thrush banging opening a snail's shell, killing of turkeys, humiliation of elephants, killing of fish...KINGSHAW'S DEATH AND HOOPER'S TRIUMPH
                1. The crow swooping down/ scarlet/ dead moths/ thrush banging opening a snail's shell
              2. Childhood
                1. Mr. Hooper had problems in childhood, Hooper is diff child, Kingshaw is always bullied and isolated...Kingshaw - no one understands and is isolated....Hooper - an evil boy...adults misinterpretation...Fielding reminding of normal child
                2. Power
                  1. Hooper in Warings & Kingshaw outside, shift of power in Hang Wood, Mr. Hooper wanting Warings, Helena wanting to be his wife
                    1. I'm the king of the castle/ his room was high up at the back/ to put a mark on this house/ feel the winner/ it's my window now
                  2. Isolation
                    1. House isolated. hostility - trapped, Mr. Hooper - no wife, no attachment with son....Hooper - prefers to be alone, lack of love - evil...Helena - superficial, fake, no husband and wants to settle...Kingshaw - no one understands him...hence lack of love...Fielding - confident because of love
                      1. Some distance from any other house/ failed to ingratiate himself with his son/ she looked at him and did not understand/ not so very many friends
                  3. Characters
                    1. Edmund
                      1. cold, secretive, isolated, doesn't want to share his house, evil....watchful approach, unresponsive to father, he sees if he gain control, Hooper's fears are forgotten, lack of conscience, doesn't reflect so no thoughts of him, mind s blank when he creates trouble, triumph on Kingshaw's death, still a child,
                        1. He had the same cold way of looking/ nobody must come here/ Hooper watched/ blank/ and a spurt of triumph went through him
                      2. Helena
                        1. doesn't understand son, lives in future, fake, no man and lonely so wants to settle down, unaware of impression she puts, false way of speaking
                          1. she looked at him and did not understand/ how right I was to come here/ he hated his mother more than anybody/ Kinghshaw's mother's an old tart/ we maybe anywhere, by then, we may not still be here.
                        2. Kinshaw
                          1. Victim, sympathy, isolated, keeps on going to the past, low self esteem because of fears, he has friends, resourcefulness in hang wood, climbing, strange places (Miss Mellitt) – insecurity, relationship with mother is uncomfortable, desire for affection – mother + fielding and likes when Mr. Hooper holds him, sympathetic for animals, affection for Hooper in Hang Wood, wrong to think about people suffer, innocent, fears – nightmares, moths, water, crow
                            1. It's alright/ Hooper was always the winner/ resourceful/ dreadful caawing of the crows/ peaceful, Devereux and Broughton Smith has invited him over/ nobody had ever done that before/ Up here I;m the king/ If I shoot an arrow, I can kill you/ let it go on, let me not have to be put down yet...out of shame and gratitude and relief
                          2. Mr. Hooper
                            1. suffered as child, no wife, doesn't understand Edmund, nothing achieved in life, Warings only pride, lonely so wants Helena but no affection for her,
                              1. A man who had failed/ dull man, a man who got by/ ineffectual
                            2. Fielding
                              1. normal child, secure, confident, natural, bright, tries to protect Kingshaw but couldn't, contrast with Hooper and Kingshaw, represents normal world beyond Warings, simple friendship are of no match to Hooper's evil power
                                1. You needn't be frightened of just what somebody else says
                            3. Setting
                              1. Fielding farm
                                1. Bright, realistic, happy, cutting of animals is normal, not fake, ordinary life
                                2. Hang Wood
                                  1. Wild, Kingshaw's territory, cornfield hostile to Kingshaw, Hooper vulnerable,ironically kingshaw feels free when lost
                                    1. "Terrifying and safe"
                                  2. Warings
                                    1. family pride, connection with death, is isolated, Hooper's territory, dark, dull and scary
                                      1. The idea that it was his, the idea of a family history pleased him, it smells un-lived in, of old things, like a musuem/ warings was ugly, entirely graceless
                                  3. Symbolsim
                                    1. yew trees - death...red room - danger...crow - Hooper...stream - peaceful...rooms - personality...scourge of the marsh monster - evil...tractor - Kingshaw power outside Warings...warts - unluck and death...1st rabbit - Kingshaw free, 2nd - dead rabbit, dead theme, wounds hurt, 3rd - almost trapped Hooper but releases, deer - predator prey relationship, bracelet - Helena's insecurity and relationship with Mr. Hooper...sounds and foxes far away - parents (danger) in Warings, fish - theme of evil...dreams - fears...Fielding - normal life,
                                      1. There was a slight persistent movement between the yew tree branches/ longest lived of all trees/ red color for the red room/ stag's head witjh antlers branching out
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