Biology AQA 3.1.2 Proteins


Biology AQA specification point 3.1.2 revision on proteins
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Biology AQA 3.1.2 Proteins
  1. Functions of proteins
    1. antibodies
      1. enzymes
        1. growth and repair of cells
        2. Structure of an Amino Acid
          1. Condensation reaction (removal of water) forms bonds between molecules
            1. bonds between proteins are called peptide bonds
            2. Structure
              1. Primary
                1. specific chain of amino acids
                  1. depends on the order and number of amino acids
                    1. gives it, it's specific function
                    2. secondary
                      1. Hydrogen bonds in between molecules
                        1. double helix
                          1. twist around each other
                          2. tertiary
                            1. hydrogen bonds
                              1. ionic bonds
                                1. sulfide bonds
                                  1. Give enzymes their specific active site and shape
                                  2. Quartenery
                                    1. Lots of tertiary structure
                                      1. might be non-proteins associated
                                        1. haemoglobin
                                    2. Biuret test
                                      1. copper sulfate and sodium hydroxide added to solution
                                        1. violet colour if peptide bonds are present

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