FOX Training Part 01


This a brief introductory lesson for the FOX software.
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    FOX Training - General Overview Pt. 01
        This presentation is designed to demonstrate a general overview of how the systems works, how to navigate through the FOX system, understand different screens, and how to utilize some of the mini databases.  

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    Complex But Comprehensible
    FOX is a very complex system that is capable of doing many things. The key to working comfortably with this software is learning its format structure. This software system uses a "bottom-up" learning technique. This is very important to keep in mind in order to understand what is going on during your training process.

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    Correlating Thought Formula
    ACRs = Food Dishes Master Plans = Table Layout Training Program = Your Plate of Food   In order to have a buffet table, you have to start cooking the food dishes. With that though in mind, let's focus 1st on ACRs.

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    ACR = Activity and Content Repository
    Think of the ACR as the "birthplace" of creating the final product. Here is where you will upload any items that you desire to incorporate into a type of training activity that will later become part of a Master Plan and then a part of a Training Program. The types of content could be PowerPoint presentations, SCORM objects, questions and tests, etc. Let's look at the ACR for the BH407 aircraft.

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      As we look within the Content tab, we will see that various files are located throughout the folders. These files can vary from Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Once content has been uploaded, the system is now ready for you to create an activity so that a student can "do something" with this content.  

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      As we look through the Activities tab, you will notice those same files from the Content tab.   Now let's move on to the Master Plans.

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    Master Plans
    Now that you have created several things that you would like a student to do during training, the system wants you to organize these activities. This organization is done with a Master Plan.   A Master Plan basically maps out the order in which you would like a student to complete the activities.

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    Training Programs
      Once you have mapped out a course of action for a student, it is now time to create a training program.  A training program is where you will assign you will assign a date, participants, and Instructors to the course of action that you have created within the Master Plan.  

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    Confusion Shall Not Conquer
    At first, this will seem very confusing because our brain tends to naturally think the opposite way of this particular structure. However, we actually perform tasks in this manner in our daily lives like cooking, making repairs, etc. Your first instinct is to gather all needed materials in order to accomplish a main task. FOX is no different. Create the needed content first, in order to have a student execute all events in a Training Program.
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