Flowchart of the BIOS boot up
Tegan-Lianne Gardiner
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Tegan-Lianne Gardiner
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  • Computer Switched on
  • RAM is empty so there are no instructions to follow
  • ROM contains the BIOS so the start up can be controlled
  • Is there a steady power supply
  • Send a 'REST' command to the CPU
  • Use the command within the hard-coded section to carry out a specific instruction somewhere within the BIOS
  • The location in the BIOS contains a 'JUMP' command to begin the boot
  • The BIOS does POST checks (Power On Self Test)
  • Are POST checks okay
  • BIOS emits a series of beep codes if there is a problem
  • Carry onto the next BIOS
  • This BIOS starts up the video card allowing you to see something on the screen
  • The system looks for other peripherals like the hard disk and signals to start spinning
  • BIOS contains details of the hardware when it is working it looks for an OS to boot
  • After a bootable drive is found, the FDE cycle processes the instructions in the 'BOOT SECTOR'
  • The 'BOOT SECTOR' is the first region of storage for as device
  • HDD contains the MBR (Master Boot Record) 
  • The MBR is a data table which indicates where fragments are located on the HDD
  • The CPU jumps to tht fragment before continung
  • The MBR points the CPU in the direction of the 'PRIMARY PARTITION' of the OS
  • The CPU will execute any code now in the BOOT SECTOR of the PRIMARY PARTITION  
  • This code is called the BOOT LOADER
  • The BOOT LOADER will first load the OS kernel into the memory
  • Now the kernel is loaded various other device drivers can be loaded
  • The GUI is loaded with any personal settings
  • The computer is ready to use
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