Project Communications Management


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Project Communications Management
  1. 3 Main Processes in Project Communications Management
    1. 1. Planning communications management
      1. A communication managements plan is a document that guids project communications.
        1. Includes:
          1. 1. Stakeholder communication requirements
            1. 8. A glossary of common terminology
            2. 2. Information to be communicated, including format, content, and level of detail
              1. 3. Who will receive the information and who will produce it
                1. 4. Suggested methods or technologies for conveying the information
                  1. 5. Frequency of Information
                    1. 6. Escalation procedures for updating the communications management plan
                      1. 7. Revision procedures for resolving issues
                  2. 2. Managing communications management
                    1. Using a project management information system, you can create and organize project documents, schedules, meeting minutes, and customer requests
                      1. Project managers must determine the best way to create and distribute the information.
                        1. Selecting the Appropriate Communication Methods and Media
                          1. 3 broad classifications for communication methods
                            1. Interactive communication
                              1. Two or more people interact - ensures common understanding
                              2. Push communication
                                1. ensures that information is distributed, but does not guarantee that it is received or understood
                                2. Pull communication
                                  1. Information is sent to recipients at their request
                              3. Reporting Performance
                                1. Keeps stakeholders informed about how resources are being used to achieve project objectives
                                  1. Two types of reports
                                    1. Status reports
                                      1. describe where the project stands at a specific point in time
                                        1. addresses
                                          1. time
                                            1. scope
                                              1. cost
                                            2. progress reports
                                              1. describe what the project team has accomplished during a certain period
                                            3. forecasts
                                              1. Status review meetings
                                            4. 3. Controlling communictions management
                                              1. Goal: to ensure the optimal flow of information throughout the entire project life cycle.
                                                1. It is often beneficial to have a facilitator from outside the project team assess how well communications are working.
                                                2. Inputs
                                                  1. 1. Project management plan
                                                    1. 2. Project communications
                                                      1. 3. Issue logs
                                                        1. 4. Work performance data
                                                          1. 5. Organizational process assets
                                                      2. Goal: To ensure timely and appropriate gneration, collection, dissemination, storage and disposition of project information.
                                                        1. Keys to good communication
                                                          1. Focusing on Group and Individual Communication Needs
                                                            1. Formal and Informal Methods for Communicating
                                                              1. Distributing Important Information in an Effective and Timely Manner
                                                                1. Setting the Stage for Communicating Bad News
                                                                  1. Understanding Communication Channels
                                                                    1. As the number of people involved in a project increases, the complexity of communication increases due to an increase in number of communication channels
                                                                      1. number of communication channels = n(n-1)/2
                                                                    2. Suggestions for Improving Project Communications
                                                                      1. Developing Better Communication Skills
                                                                        1. Running Effective Meetings
                                                                          1. 8 Guidelines to do so
                                                                            1. Determine if a meeting can be avoided
                                                                              1. Define the purpose and intended outcome of the meeting
                                                                                1. Determine who should be attending the meeting
                                                                                  1. Provide an agenda to the participants before the meeeting
                                                                                    1. Prepare handouts and visual aids, and make logistical arrangements ahead of time
                                                                                      1. Run the meeting professionally
                                                                                        1. Set the ground rules for the meeting
                                                                                          1. Build relationships
                                                                                        2. Using E-mail, Instant Messaging, Texting, and Collaborative Tools Effectively
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