Create Learning Summaries using Slides


Make revision easier by summarising all your content using Slides
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    Create Learning Summaries with Slides
    Students often you have to juggle so many different subjects and with all the notes that come with these, revising can turn into a chaotic mess. If you have difficulty assimilating what you read and organizing content, creating learning summaries will be your best ally. This technique will not only improve your capacity for synthesis but it will also help you understand what you are studying. Creating summaries will provide you with more flexibility in your study and increase your productivity levels.When creating your learning summaries, make sure the information is clear and the integrity of the content is protected. By doing this, you will get the desired understanding when revision time comes.
    Caption: : Using the GoConqr Slides Maker tool will help you dissect the content of a subject.

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    Why Use GoConqr Slides?
    This is the ultimate tool to bring all your content together in an easy and simple way. Amongst other features, GoConqr Slides allows you to: Organise content and have it in one place Make them visually appealing with multimedia elements Insert GoConqr resources, adding more value to your Slides Bring your content to life with various themes and templates

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    All your Material in One Place
    Slides are the perfect way to efficiently store all your content in one central place to avoid being swallowed by your study mess.With them, you can summarise the key learning points of each subject in one format and use other features provided to create a complete learning resource. It is the most practical option to recall content without rereading texts already read. Stay motivated, be more productive and easily keep track of your course material. The Slide Maker tool  provides you with global view of a specific  topic or subject.

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    Dynamic Content
    Study does not have to be boring! Inject the fun factor into your revision by adding media elements such as videos and images to your Slides. If you wish to delve deep into a particular topic, you can also insert existing GoConqr resources.When creating learning summaries, those with a visual memory should put particular emphasis on images, graphics and the use of colour. Utilise the 40 pre-designed themes to make your learning material stand out and the 11 templates available to quickly gather all your content for recall.

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    Tips for Slides Creation
    Synthesized Information – summarise your content and avoid loading your Slides with too much information. Structure – Information should be logically organised so that later you can easily follow the chronological order of the Slides. Personalised Slides -Use your own words to facilitate learning. Visual Elements – Include videos and images. It is easier to retain information when visual elements are used. Memory – Embed Quizzes in your Slides when possible. It is a quick way to test your knowledge once you’ve gone through your Slides.
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