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    What is Pressure?
    Pressure is DEFINED as the FORCE ACTING per UNIT AREA.SI unit of pressure: Newton per sq metre/pascal
    Caption: : p= pressure in (Pa), F= force in (N), A= area in metre sq.

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    Pressure in liquids
    The amount of pressure inside a body of liquid increases with depth.At greater depths,the weight of liquid is greater.Hence,the pressure is greater.Liquid pressure formula:p= height(m) x Density of liquid x gravitational field strength

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    What affects the pressure in liquids?
    Pressure in liquid depends only on the vertical height of the liquid column and the,not the volume & the cross-sectional area/shape of the column.Hence,at equilibrium,the liquid level in all the columns is at the same height.

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    Transmission of pressure in liquids
    Caption: : Hydraulic Machine
    We learned hydraulic action in Geography and we're gonna learn about hydraulic machines in Physics..Hydraulic machines enable heavy objects like cars to be lifted with a small amount of effort.They use liquids to transmit pressure.Pressure is applied to an enclosed liquid,the pressure is transmitted equally to all other parts of the liquid.(Pascal's Principle)
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