The Effects of Climate Change


The Effects of Climate Change
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    Crop yields are expected to decrease for all major world crops. Agricultural land on the edge of deserts becomes unusable, through the process of desertification.  Crops could be wiped out in low-lying areas that suffer from flooding. With less crops available on the world market, prices are likely to increase. The growing season in some areas will increase. This is a benefit to places such as the UK as more crops could be grown.
    Caption: : Desertification in Saudi Arabia

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    Sea Level Changes
     Coastal land is at risk, especially land on deltas.  Sea defences are under more stress. Low-lying land is threatened so the lives of 80 million people across the globe are threatened. The Image on the left showcases the impact of rising sea levels in East Timor due to climate change.
    Caption: : Kiribati- East Timor

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    Water and Ice
     More mass movement can occur as glaciers melt. Communities that use the melt water from glaciers may see this supply decrease. This is especially the case in Asia.  Economies that rely on skiing as a form of income may suffer as the skiing season is reduced or disappears through lack of snow.  Locations suffering from water stress will increase in number.  Less fresh water will be available in coastal areas as it will mix with sea water, which is salty.
    Caption: : The Greenland Ice Sheet in a Changing Climate

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    People will migrate from areas suffering drought. Any that remain will be in danger of dying from starvation and lack of water.  17 million people in Bangladesh alone will be threatened by flooding. As the world population increases, more people will be living in cities located on the coast. More people will be affected by coastal flooding as a result.
    Caption: : Areas at risk from climate change
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