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Question 1

Steadfast Insurance Inc. have a custom object "Claim" to track insurance claims. A team member will record a claim and an approval process is used for the insurance manager to approve the claim. In order to assist the manager, the team member's claim limit from their user record should be displayed on the claim record. How can this be developed?
  • Use a trigger to populate the user limit field when the claim is created
  • Use a field update in a workflow rule to copy the team members claim limit onto the claim record
  • Use a cross object formula to display the user's limit on the claim record
  • Use Process Builder to populate the user limit field when the claim is created

Question 2

How can an approval request be triggered? Choose 3 Answers
  • User clicks a button or link
  • Process or flow starts that includes a "Submit for Approval" action
  • Apex
  • Workflow Rule

Question 3

Matt notices that he can edit the “Cleveland Hospitals Opportunity” record, though it is submitted for approval. What could be the possible reasons for this? Choose 2 answers.
  • Matt is the current Approver
  • Matt is a System Administrator
  • Matt is the owner of the Opportunity
  • Matt submitted the Approval request

Question 4

There are two custom objects – A and B, which are in a parent child relationship. On deleting a record of custom object A, all associated custom object B records are also deleted. Based on the given information, which of the following statements is true? Choose 1 answer.
  • There is a look up field to object A on object B, and it is required
  • There is a look up field to object B on object A, and it is required
  • There is a look up field to object A on object B, and it is not required
  • There is a look up field to object B on object A, and it is not required

Question 5

Salesforce lets you define actions for all of the following functions, except
  • Log a Call
  • Invoke Apex Class
  • Update a Record
  • Invoke Visualforce page
  • create a record

Question 6

Universal Containers want to track the location of each container. What is not a valid reason for creating a custom object and lookup from the container object instead of using a picklist to store location values? Choose 1 answer.
  • Additional information about the location needs to be recorded
  • There are a very large number of locations
  • Validation needs to be performed on the location value
  • Location values need to be maintained by end users

Question 7

Mary is considering various requirements for managing customers. Which standard account features could she make use of?Choose 3 answers.
  • Tracking the team that works on a customer account
  • Relating customers in a hierarchy
  • Automatically updating the customer's credit rating
  • Understanding the roles contacts play in an organization

Question 8

Universal Containers are doing a deep analysis on their monthly sales data, and would like the sales revenue split as products sold per country. What would be the ideal report format to address this need?
  • Tabular
  • Matrix
  • Summary
  • Joined

Question 9

Which amongst the following provides a dynamic environment for viewing and modifying all the objects and relationships in a Force.com app?
  • Flows
  • Schema Builder
  • Process Builder
  • Approval Visualizer
  • Process Visualizer

Question 10

Bob has linked the Twitter social profile of the contact Mary Jones to her contact record. When another user, Sue accesses the Mary Jones contact record, what will happen? Choose 2 answers.
  • Linking social profiles only needs to be done once, so Sue will have access to the social profile after she logs in to her Twitter account
  • Sue will have access to the Twitter profile on the Mary Jones contact record if the Twitter social network is enabled in Sue's user settings
  • Sue will have access to the Twitter profile on the Mary Jones contact record and does not need to login to her Twitter account
  • Each user can select a Twitter profile to link to the contact record, so Sue will have to search and link the Twitter profile herself.

Question 11

Universal Insurance would like to highlight on a report claims that have been open for more than 30 days. What feature could be used for this?
  • Field Highlighting
  • Conditional Highlighting
  • Report Highlighting
  • Bucket Highlighting

Question 12

What type of Sandbox is appropriate for full regression, performance and load testing? Choose 1 answer.
  • Partial Copy Sandbox
  • Test Sandbox
  • Full Sandbox
  • Performance Sandbox

Question 13

In a Salesforce1 Mobile app, which of the following corresponds to the tab area in the browser based application?
  • Navigation Menu
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Welcome Screen

Question 14

While designing your application, you are reviewing the data types that would be suitable for each field. Which data types are valid for custom fields? Choose 2 answers.
  • Number, Currency and Percent
  • Text, Radio Button, and Date/Time
  • Checkbox, Picklist, and Address
  • Email, Phone, and URL

Question 15

Which of the following field types can be used as an External Id? Choose 2 answers.
  • Text
  • Date
  • Number
  • Picklist

Question 16

Universal Containers would like to track the leads and contacts it will send a direct mail promotion. What would be the recommended data model to meet this requirement? Choose 1 answer.
  • Use the standard "Campaign List" object
  • Add one custom object "Campaign Leads and Contacts"
  • Use the standard "Campaign Members" object
  • Add a "Campaign Lead" object and a Campaign Contact" object

Question 17

There is a requirement to add an action to the Account page in Salesforce1 to enable creation of cases. How can this be accomplished?
  • Create a standard action
  • Create a Global Quick action
  • Create an Object specific action
  • Create a default action

Question 18

Universal Systems wants to capture some additional information while selling to Government accounts. Which of these steps represent the best solution? Choose 2 answers.
  • Define separate Page Account Page Layout for Government Accounts
  • Use Record Types to identify Government Accounts
  • Add validation rules to the Account fields specific to Government Accounts
  • Create a custom object called "Government Accounts"

Question 19

Global Travels has a list of leads that needs to be imported. They follow a very strict data quality policy, and therefore do not want any duplicate leads to be created in the system as part of the import. What would you, as a Salesforce developer, recommend to Global Travels? Choose 1 answer.
  • Use Data Import Wizard
  • Use Data Loader CLI
  • Use Data Loader
  • Use Data Import CLI

Question 20

You are having trouble converting a lookup relationship into a master detail relationship. What could be the possible reasons? Choose 2 answers
  • There is already a master detail relationship with the same object
  • The lookup field is not marked as required
  • Not all records have a value in the lookup field
  • The object has reached the maximum number of master detail relationships

Question 21

If step criteria are defined on an approval process, what are the possible actions for records that do not meet the criteria? Choose 3 answers.
  • Go to the Next Step
  • Go to the Last Step
  • Send an Email Alert
  • Approve the record
  • Reject the record

Question 22

Global Insurance has set its Account object OWD to private. They do allow account managers to grant access to other users if required using their own discretion. How would you meet this requirement? Choose 1 answer.
  • Enable "Grant Access using Hierarchy" in the security settings of the object
  • Enable "Manual Sharing " in the security settings of the object
  • No action is required, the Sharing Button will be displayed automatically if the OWD setting is private
  • Add the Sharing Button to the Account Page Layout

Question 23

You have created a Sales Dashboard for the head of sales and all sales reps have access to it. All sales reps can see all data, even though they don’t normally have access to it. How can you make sure, that users will only see data within the existing dashboard they have the right to see?
  • Change the dashboard folder settings
  • Run dashboard as Logged in user
  • Run dashboard as specified user
  • This is not possible

Question 24

Universal Containers is using Salesforce to manage travel requests. They would like to enable managers to approve travel requests via email. What is true regarding email approval responses?
  • Approvers must have the "API Enabled" system permission
  • Approval Comments cannot be added in the email response
  • Approvers must click a link in the approval email
  • If the request is rejected the approver must add the rejection comments directly in Salesforce.

Question 25

When activating a page in the Lightning app builder, what declarative options are available? Choose 3 answers.
  • Set the tab visibility
  • Set the tab order in the navigation menu
  • Select the tab color
  • Select a tab icon for the page
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