SFDC App Builder 1 (176-200ish)


SFDC App Builder 1 (176-200ish)
Connie Woolard
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Question 1

You are building a recruitment management application. Your application requires the ability to hold details regarding a job position, details regarding a candidate, and details regarding a candidate’s application to a job position. Which of these represent the best data model to achieve this need?
  • Define the position and candidate objects then application as a junction object
  • Define the Position object then Candidate as a child of Position and Application as child of Candidate
  • Define the Position object then Candidate and Application as child objects
  • Define 3 unrelated objects - Candidate, Position, Application

Question 2

Sam has written the following validation rule for the custom field ‘Count’ OR ( Count__c = 0, MOD ( Count__c,2) <>0 ) What should the error message on this validation rule be set to?
  • Count cannot be a non zero even number
  • Count must be a non zero odd number
  • Count cannot be a non zero odd number
  • Count must be a non zero even number

Question 3

Universal Systems have their Global sales team organized by geography. There are 242 regional sales managers, 22 country sales heads and 1 Global VP – Sales. The Global VP of Sales needs to be able to see the opportunity data of the entire company, while the country sales head must only see the opportunities owned by his respective regional managers. Region Sales managers must not see each other’s opportunity data. What combination of features in Salesforce could be used to achieve this use case effectively? Choose 2 answers.
  • Profiles
  • Object Permissions
  • Roles
  • Default Sharing Settings

Question 4

What is true regarding adding a custom object to an unmanaged package?
  • Its related triggers are also added to the package.
  • Its page layouts are also added to the package.
  • All of these
  • Its custom fields are also added to the package.

Question 5

Sam architects a Force.com recruitment application by using custom objects to represent “Candidates”, and “Positions”. A M:M junction object is used between the two called “Application”. Which of the following statements is true with respect to this application? Choose 1 answer.
  • The Application object cannot have child records
  • The Application object cannot be on master side of a master detail relationshiop
  • The Application object cannot have a Tab
  • Data cannot be imported to the Application object

Question 6

You have a need to do performance testing prior to golive of an upgrade project. Which environment would you use for conducting the performance testing?
  • Production Org
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Developer Pro Sandbox
  • Full Copy Sandbox

Question 7

The Executive team at Universal containers would like to see the Account, Opportunity and Cases belonging to a country, in a single report. How would you configure this, if at all possible?
  • Joined Report
  • Matrix Report
  • Custom Report Type
  • Not possible to achieve in a single report

Question 8

Universal Systems has a “Net Worth” field on the Account object to capture total revenue worth of its customers. However only executive users should be able to view the data in this field. How would you help Universal Systems achieve this requirement?
  • Define appropriate Account Sharing Rules
  • Specify Field level Security for the Net Worth field
  • Define a separate Views for executive and regular users
  • Use VisualForce to selectively mask Net Worth data

Question 9

The following are true about unmanaged packages, except? Choose 1 answer.
  • Unmanaged Packages can be created from a Developer Org
  • Unmanaged Packages can be shared via AppExchange
  • Unmanaged Packages can be distributed without 75% test coverage
  • Unmanaged Packages can be shared using a URL

Question 10

You are asked to configure Salesforce in such a way that if Account status is marked as ‘Inactive’, all associated Contact statuses should also be automatically marked as ‘Inactive’. To meet this requirement, you could use all of the following except?
  • Process Builder
  • Apex code
  • Visual Workflow
  • Workflow

Question 11

ABC Corp. wants to get the sum of all Opportunity Products Quantity and show it in the Opportunity Total Quantity which is in the Opportunity layout. What feature of Salesforce would help achieve this? Choose 1 answer.
  • Number Field
  • Roll Up Summary Field
  • Formula Field
  • Workflow Rules

Question 12

You are explaining to another developer not familiar with force.com how an external ID field can be used to work with data coming from another system. What features would you mention? Choose 3 answers.
  • An external ID can be either text, number or email data types
  • An external ID is used to represent an identifier for a record from an external system
  • External IDs are not case sensitive
  • An external ID is indexed and increases query performance

Question 13

If a workflow email alert should be sent when an opportunity probability is updated to be greater than 75%, what should the evaluation criteria be?
  • When a record is created and every time it's edited
  • When a record is created and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria
  • When the Opportunity Probability is greater than 75%
  • When a record is created

Question 14

A user wants to use inline editing from a list view to quickly edit records. What setting must be enabled?
  • Both A & B
  • Enable enhanced lists
  • Enable inline editing
  • API Access

Question 15

You would like to prevent users with the support profile from accessing Documents in Salesforce. What is the best way to achieve this? Choose 1 answer.
  • Set the Document Tab setting to Default Off
  • Set the Document Tab setting to Tab Hidden for the profile
  • Disable Object Access to the Document Object
  • Use a permission set to restrict access to users with the support profile

Question 16

In a service application, different kinds of resources are assigned to jobs. The resource types are phones, vehicles and tools. They share mostly common fields but also have some fields unique to each resource type. How should you represent this in Salesforce?
  • Create a custom object for each resource type
  • Look for standard objects to use to store the resource data
  • Create one custom object and use record types
  • None of the above

Question 17

As part of data entry validation, the country code needs to be validated. A custom object contains the values for every valid country code. How could this requirement be met?
  • Use a "before" trigger
  • Use a Validation Rule and the VLOOKUP() function
  • Use an "after" trigger
  • Use a Validation Rule and the Validate() function

Question 18

John, the Salesforce administrator at Global Consulting is designing the data model. As part of this he needs to represent Project and Employee data. A project can have many employees working in it, and an employee can work in multiple projects. What design would John propose?l
  • Create a master detail relationship from Project object to Employee object
  • Create a look up relationship from Project to Employee object
  • Create a new junction object between Project and Employee object
  • Create a look up relationship from Employee object to Project object

Question 19

Universal Containers plan two custom objects to track “Vehicle” and “Cargo” data. A vehicle can tansport multiple cargo, while a cargo is always associated to 1 vehicle. Universal Containers decommissions certain vehicles if they do not pass the quality checks. Such vehicle records are deleted. Also, it is mandatory to keep history of all Cargo data for compliance purpose. What would be the best recommendation for Universal Containers, in terms of defining these custom objects? Choose 1 answer.
  • Define Cargo as a look Up relationship on Vehicle
  • Define Vehicle Cargo as a Master Detail relationship
  • Define Cargo Vehicle as a Master Detail relationship
  • Define Vehicle as a Look Up relationship on Cargo

Question 20

What is true regarding a lookup relationship? Choose 2 answers.
  • A lookup relationship is used when two objects need to be linked tightly
  • The objects in the relationship can have different owners
  • Lookup fields are always optional
  • Both objects in the lookup relationship can have independent sharing rules

Question 21

What is true regarding the profile image displayed on a lead record? Choose 2 answers.
  • If a lead record is associated to a social network profile, the profile image will initially display the image from the first social network associated
  • If a lead is not associated with any social network, users can upload a photo to be used for the profile image
  • The profile image can only be changed by an administrator
  • The profile image can be changed by any user if a lead is associated with multiple social networks

Question 22

There is a requirement to create a 3 step Wizard that guides an end user through the Opportunity creation process. What would be your approach to address this requirement?
  • Use Approval Workflow
  • Use a Visual workflow
  • Use Force.com Sites
  • Use VisualForce

Question 23

Universal Containers would like to improve usability of their current look up fields. When looking up a Contact record, they would like to view the Phone, Email and Age fields as well as the name. What feature of Force.com would you require to help them with this need?
  • Search Layout
  • Page Layout
  • List View
  • Tab Layout
  • Visualforce

Question 24

What is not a capability of the lead object? Choose 2 answers.
  • Custom objects that have been related to a lead can be copied when a lead is converted to the account, contact, or opportunity
  • Standard or Custom fields can be mapped to fields in Account, Contact, and Opportunity objects as part of lead conversion
  • Leads can be grouped into queues
  • Leads can be automatically assigned to users or queues

Question 25

Sam is conducting some testing on his company’s Salesforce instance by manipulating data. He is aware that there are workflows configured on the Account object. Which of these activities are likely to trigger a workflow? Choose 2 answers.
  • Creating an Account
  • Updating an Account
  • Deleting an Account
  • Viewing an Account

Question 26

On the custom object ‘Vehicles’, a lookup relationship is defined to the ‘Model’ custom object. What are the possibilities when a Model record is deleted? Choose 3 answers
  • The lookup field value on vehicle is cleared
  • The vehicle record is deleted
  • The lookup field value on vehicle is updated to the next model record
  • The deletion of a model record is restricted

Question 27

Your Sales department would like to assist Account Managers by providing instructions for each sales stage on the opportunity page layout. The instructions should only display for the current stage of the opportunity. How can this be accomplished? Choose 1 answer.
  • Use a dependent picklist to display the instructions
  • Add an inline Visual force page to the page layout
  • Add a dynamic text field to the page layout
  • This is not possible

Question 28

You would like to ensure that the contacts that can be selected on a case are those related to the account selected on the case. How would you achieve this?
  • Create a required lookup filter on the Case Contact field
  • Create a dependent lookup on Case Contact field
  • Create a dependent lookup on Case Account field
  • Create a dependent lookup on Account Name field
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