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Question 1

Who become King after Henry I?
  • Matilda
  • Stephen
  • Henry II

Question 2

Who became King after Stephen?
  • Henry IV
  • John
  • Henry I
  • Henry II
  • Stephen II

Question 3

Explain about King Henry II and Thomas Becket
  • They were friends who went hunting together
  • Henry did not like Thomas because he was a better fighter than him and had more land
  • Henry made Thomas the Archbishop of Canterbury because he thought Thomas would do what he asked and so he could control the Church
  • Henry met Thomas when he became Archbishop of Canterbury and they became good friends

Question 4

What was the argument between Thomas Beckett and the King of England about? Two answers are true statements.
  • The King believed that the Church should be in charge of the country
  • Thomas believed that the Church should be in charge of the country
  • The King believed that the King should be in charge of the country
  • The King believed that he should be able to get divorced if he wanted to

Question 5

How did Thomas Beckett die?
  • He tripped over his robes and hit his head on the cathedral floor
  • The king locked him in a dungeon
  • He died in his sleep
  • Some knights killed him because they thought the King wanted him killed and would be pleased with them
  • The king poisoned him

Question 6

When did Thomas Beckett die?
  • 1174
  • 1150
  • 1066

Question 7

What were the Crusades?
  • It was an XBOX game
  • It was a battle between Manors in England to win more land
  • It was a big fair where they did jousting
  • They were battles in other countries to capture more land for the king
  • They were battles to try and take control of the Holy Land in the Middle East from the Muslims

Question 8

Richard I was a great military leader and fought in lots of crusades. What was the impact on England of his reign?
  • England was important
  • England was rich because he won lots of battles
  • England was poor because of the cost of fighting in the crusades and having to pay ransom money when he was captured

Question 9

What did King John want to do that the Pope disagreed with?
  • He wanted to fight in the crusades like Richard
  • He wanted to rule the Church
  • He wanted to choose the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Question 10

In 1208 the Pope placed an interdict on England - what was this and why did he do it?
  • It was a tax that everyone had to pay so that he could build more churches and pay the priests more money
  • It was a blessing to say how pleased he was with the king and the people because they all went to Church each week
  • It was a rule that no church services, marriages or burials could be held in England because King John would not recognise the new Archbishop of Canterbury

Question 11

Was King John bothered by the interdict?
  • Yes because he wanted to go to Church
  • Yes because he wanted to get married
  • Yes because no-one could be buried
  • No because he didn't care
  • No because he started his own Church
  • No, because he was collecting the taxes that would normally have gone to the Church

Question 12

Why was King John excommunicated by the Pope?
  • Because King John would not give in even after England was placed under an interdict
  • Because he was taking the Church money
  • Because he didn't like him

Question 13

What caused King John and the Pope to become reconciled?
  • King John was afraid the Pope was encouraging someone to invade England and he was not ready to fight so he thought he had better make peace with the Pope by accepting the Archbishop he had chosen and promising to be loyal to the Pope.
  • King John's friends told him to make amends with the Pope because they were fed up of all the trouble caused by the interdict and the excommunication

Question 14

What was the Magna Carta?
  • It was a map of England created by the Church and given to King John when he and the pope made up
  • It was a great charter listing demands from the barons to King John because they were unhappy with high taxes and unfair treatment by the King

Question 15

How did King John die?
  • The Pope had him beheaded
  • He was killed in battle
  • He died of dysentry
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