Present Continuous vs Present Simple Forms


Listen to the report. Fill in the blanks with the words you hear.
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Question 1

Many animals [blank_start]are losing[blank_end] their places to live. Humans [blank_start]are taking[blank_end] land from animals. Which animals [blank_start]are suffering[blank_end] because of humans? Big cats, such as lions, tigers, snow leopards, and cheetahs, are in danger. The population of these animals [blank_start]is going down[blank_end] quickly. Only 3,000 tigers [blank_start]remain[blank_end] in the wild. What [blank_start]are we doing[blank_end] to protect big cats? Luke Dollar, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, is a scientist who [blank_start]is working[blank_end] on the Big Cats Initiative. This program [blank_start]is helping[blank_end] people learn about the problems that big cats [blank_start]are having[blank_end]. People [blank_start]need[blank_end] education about endangered animals. Many people [blank_start]don't know[blank_end] that these animals are in danger, and that we [blank_start]don't have[blank_end] much time left to save them. "[blank_start]Do we want[blank_end] to live in a world without lions in the wild?", asks Luke Dollar.
  • are losing
  • are taking
  • are suffering
  • is going down
  • remain
  • are we doing
  • is working
  • is helping
  • are having
  • need
  • don't know
  • don't have
  • Do we want

Question 2

On Sundays, we usually [blank_start]have[blank_end] a basketball match.
  • have
  • are having

Question 3

Right now, my brother [blank_start]is sleeping[blank_end] in the sofa!
  • is sleeping
  • sleeps

Question 4

I hardly ever [blank_start]read[blank_end] novels. I prefer comics.
  • read
  • am reading

Question 5

[blank_start]Are you listening[blank_end] to any good podcasts at the moment?
  • Are you listening
  • Do you listen

Question 6

I think Ronnie [blank_start]is studying[blank_end] in the library right now.
  • is studying
  • studies

Question 7

What [blank_start]do you do[blank_end] on Friday evenings?
  • do you do
  • are you doing
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