Basic English tenses


Mindpam showing basic tenses in English with examples
Mariola Hejduk
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Mariola Hejduk
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Basic English tenses
  1. Future
    1. 'will'
      1. I'll see my friend tonight.
      2. 'to be going to'
        1. I'm going to buy some wine for dinner.
      3. Present
        1. Present Simple
          1. I go to church every Sunday.
          2. Present Continuous
            1. The birds are singing outside my window now.
          3. Past
            1. Past Simple
              1. I was in London in 2013.
              2. Past Continuous
                1. The birds were singing outside my window.
                2. Present Perfect
                  1. I have lived in England for 10 years.
                  2. Present Perfect Continuous
                    1. I have been doing my homework since 6 o'clock.
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