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Question 1

1. These are very rich women who sometimes live in castles. [blank_start]______________[blank_end] 2. You wear this so that your trousers don’t fall down. [blank_start]________________[blank_end] 3. This person works in an office and often answers the phone [blank_start]___________________[blank_end] 4. These are large, hot places where it doesn’t rain a lot [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] 5. You can find these in mountains. Animals like bears live in them. [blank_start]______________[blank_end] 6. This is something you can climb which isn’t as high as a mountain. [blank_start]_____________[blank_end] 7. These are clothes that people often wear for their job. [blank_start]_______________[blank_end] 8. We use this part of our body to smell things. [blank_start]_________________[blank_end] 9. Girls or boys can wear these. They are good in the summer when it’s hot. [blank_start]________________[blank_end] 10. You can see this woman in the cinema or the theatre. [blank_start]_______________[blank_end]
  • queens
  • a belt
  • a secretary
  • deserts
  • caves
  • a hill
  • a uniform
  • a nose
  • shorts
  • an actress

Question 2

The man who is cooking eggs has got a grey belt
  • True
  • False

Question 3

There is a radio on the shelf which is next to the mirror.
  • True
  • False

Question 4

The old woman is giving the baby some milk.
  • True
  • False

Question 5

The little boy who is next to the computer looks unhappy.
  • True
  • False

Question 6

There are some knives and forks in front of a bottle.
  • True
  • False

Question 7

Someone has put some bowls and glasses on the table.
  • True
  • False

Question 8

More than one of the children has got brown hair.
  • True
  • False

Question 9

Jane is talking to her friend, Alex. What does Alex say? Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter (A–H) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. >>>>>>> Start <<<<<<<<< Jane: Do you know where she comes from? Alex: [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] Jane: Has she got any brothers or sisters? Alex: [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] Jane: Does she know anyone at the school? Alex: [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] Jane: We should ask her to sit with us at lunchtime Alex: [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] Jane: OK. Shall I meet you both at lunchtime then? Alex: [blank_start]__________________[blank_end]
  • H
  • B
  • C
  • G
  • E

Question 10

My name’s Harry. Last week something very interesting happened to me. I went to visit my grandma after school. It was my grandma’s birthday and we gave her a pear tree for her garden. I (1) [blank_start]_________________[blank_end] the tree into the garden and put it in the ground. It was hard work and I got very dirty. Suddenly I saw something in the ground. It was some (2) [blank_start]___________________[blank_end]. I took it inside and showed it to my mum and grandma. They said, “It looks very old! You should take it to the (3 ) [blank_start]___________________[blank_end].” The next day I (4 ) [blank_start]___________________[blank_end] to town with the old money. The man at the museum looked very surprised when he saw the money and said, “This is very,very old. Can we keep it in the museum?” “Of course,” I said. The man thanked me and (5 ) [blank_start]___________________[blank_end] me free family tickets to the museum. I can’t wait to go back to grandma’s garden to look for more old treasure!
  • took
  • money
  • museum
  • went
  • gave

Question 11

Choose the best name for the story
  • Grandma’s birthday
  • Treasure in the garden
  • The trip to town

Question 12

Examples: Dinosaur Sweets are Katy’s ____favourite_____ sweets. Every sweet tastes of a different kind of fruit and looks ____like a dinosaur_____ >>>> Start <<<<<<<< 1. Katy’s [blank_start]______________[blank_end] bought her a big bag of Dinosaur Sweets 2. Katy [blank_start]_______________[blank_end] a picture of a dinosaur for the competition. 3. The dinosaur in the picture had [blank_start]__________________[blank_end] 4. There was an [blank_start]______________[blank_end] on the bag of sweets which Katy sent her painting to. 5. A woman phoned Katy [blank_start]_________________[blank_end] after she sent her picture. 6. Katy won a pencil case, a T-shirt and [blank_start]________________[blank_end] 7. Katy thought that the visit to the factory was [blank_start]____________________[blank_end]
  • grandpa
  • did / painted
  • big orange teeth
  • address
  • three weeks
  • a dinosaur backpack
  • very exciting

Question 13

We still have a lot to learn about life under the sea. Do you know that (1) [blank_start]______________[blank_end] people go into space than visit the bottom of our biggest seas! The biggest animals (2) [blank_start]___________[blank_end] live in the sea are whales. Blue whales are (3) [blank_start]____________[blank_end] biggest kind and they are much bigger than any dinosaurs that ever lived ! A lot of the fish we eat comes (4) [blank_start]___________________[blank_end] the sea. Fishing in the sea is (5) [blank_start]_______________________[blank_end] a job and a hobby in countries all over the world. When people think of the most dangerous fish in the sea, they (6) [blank_start]_______________________[blank_end] think of sharks. Most people are afraid of sharks (7) [blank_start]________________________[blank_end] of stories in books and films. (8) [blank_start]_________________[blank_end] are more than 350 different kinds of sharks but only a few are dangerous to man. Dolphins also (9) [blank_start]________________[blank_end] in the sea and most people love to see them. Dolphins (10) [blank_start]________________[blank_end] very friendly and clever and often enjoy swimming with people.
  • much
  • more
  • many
  • where
  • what
  • that
  • the
  • a
  • an
  • under
  • to
  • from
  • both
  • all
  • any
  • never
  • usually
  • once
  • than
  • because
  • so
  • There
  • These
  • They
  • lives
  • living
  • live
  • have
  • see
  • are

Question 14

Monday 4th September I met my new Geography teacher today. She’ called Miss Reece and she’s very different to our old teacher! She doesn’t like anyone speaking in the [blank_start]_______________[blank_end] We all have to stand up [blank_start]_______________[blank_end] she comes in the room. The boys in my class don’t like her because they can’t [blank_start]______________[blank_end] naughty any more! The lesson today was about storms, it [blank_start]______________[blank_end] very interesting. [blank_start]______________[blank_end] only problem with Miss Reece is that she gives us too much homework!
  • class / classroom
  • when / if
  • be
  • was
  • The
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