Present simple&Present continuous


Learn the basic difference between the present simple and present continuous tenses.
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    Grammar Lesson 1
    PRESENT SIMPLE & PRESENT CONTINUOUS(elementary - A2 level)

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    Basic difference between the present tenses
    In today´s lesson we´re going to improve the understanding of the present simple and present continuous and a few more details on how to use these tenses.  

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    Basic difference: present simple & present continuous
    The simple present is used:1.) to talk about facts and general truths:My name is Jane. The grass is green.  The world is round. The sun rises in the East. 

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    Let´s practice it!
    Use the present simple to answer these questions:1.) Where do you come from? I come from ...............................2.) What´s your job?/ What do you do? I´m a ............   I work in/for/at ................3.) What´s the capital of Poland? The capital of Poland is .....................4.) How old are you? I´m ............. (years old).  

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    Adverbs of frequency - present simple
    2.) it is used with adverbs of frequency such as: always, every day, usually, often, every other day, sometimes, seldom, rarely, hardly ever, never. 

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    What are some of the things that you: * always do? (I always ......)* do every day? (I ............ every day)* usually do ? (I usually ......)* often do? (I often ......)* sometimes do? (I sometimes ......   OR I ......... sometimes.)* hardly ever do? (I hardly every ....... )* never do? (I never ...... )
    Let´s practice it!

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    3.) It is used with sative verbs (these are the verbs that do not have an - ing form because they do not express actions, but states).These include:understand / own / believe / want / know / like / seem / need / prefer / hate / loveHe currently (= now) owns a quad. (correct)  Don´t say:He´s currently owning a quad. (incorrect) 
    Caption: : quad bike
    Present simple with stative verbs

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    Present continuous (progressive)
    1.) Present continuous is used to talk about actions that are happening NOW, at the moment of speaking.For instance:It´s raining right now, don´t forget to take your umbrella and wellies.   

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    2.) Present continuous is used for situations that are temporary, which means that they won´t continue for a long time. I live in Poland (= permanent situation), but this week I´m staying (= temporary situation) with my sister in Prague. 
    Present continuous for temporary situations

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    Words commonly used with the present continuous
    now, right now, at the moment, today, currently, this afternoon, this week, this month, and this year Examples:This afternoon I´m playing football.My brother is currently working in Brighton (England).She´s writing another book this year.  Peter Brown is working for Volunteer Africa for a month.

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    Present continuous for future arrangements
    3.) use the present continuous to talk about planned future arrangements (that means that a person A and person B know that the´re going to meet together at an agreed place and time)Examples:I´m meeting my cousin tomorrow.  Tom and Mary are coming to the party this Saturday.I´m seeing (= have a meeting) a doctor this Wednesday at 8am. 

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    Present simple:1.) facts and general truths2.) with adverbs of frequency (always, often, twice a week, sometimes)3.) with stative verbs (like, love, understand, want, need)
    Present continuous:1.) with situations that are happenning right now, at the moment of speaking2.) for temporary situations and with words like: now, right now, currently, this week, this month, today3.) for future arrangements 
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