CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of May 30


How closely did you follow the past seven days in local news?
Trevor Pritchard
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Question 1

Joanne Labelle's loved ones said she was in her "happy place" when she was killed by last weekend's powerful storm. What was the Cornwall, Ont., pharmacist doing before she died?
  • Camping near Peterborough, Ont.
  • Golfing in rural west Ottawa.
  • Boating on the Ottawa River.
  • Cleaning debris from her cottage in Lanark County.

Question 2

According to Bryce Conrad, what collapsed like "children's toys" during the storm?
  • Several Hydro One transmission towers.
  • The bell tower of a rural Ontario church.
  • The barns on his dairy farm.
  • Trees in one Stittsville park.

Question 3

This graphic shows the path of Saturday's storm, the first of its kind in Canada since 1999. What is the name of this type of storm, derived from a Spanish adjective meaning "straight"?
  • A dirigio.
  • A derecho.
  • An honrado.
  • A perpetuo.

Question 4

What is the name of the Quebec reservoir that's rapidly filled up due to rainfall and the snowmelt, leading to severe flood risks along the Gatineau (but not the Ottawa) River?
  • Manicouagan Reservoir.
  • Baskatong Reservoir.
  • Robert-Bourassa Reservoir.
  • Aux Sables Reservoir.

Question 5

Which group of Ontario workers, on strike since May 9, announced this past week they'd reached a tentative agreement on a new contract?
  • Carpenters.
  • Crane operators.
  • Plumbers.
  • Arborists.

Question 6

What did Justice William Hourigan, seen here, speak to residents about Wednesday and Thursday night during a pair of public forums held at the Shaw Centre?
  • The forthcoming LRT inquiry.
  • The use of the Emergencies Act during the convoy protests.
  • The transition to an online criminal justice system.
  • Cryptocurrency fraud.

Question 7

One of the pressing topics during the Ontario election campaign is the rising cost of rent. Which party has specifically guaranteed, if they form government, that Ontarians will "pay what the last tenant paid?"
  • The Liberals.
  • The Greens.
  • The NDP.
  • The New Blue Party.

Question 8

Jessica Sanderson-Barry told CBC Indigenous she was "devastated" when airport security guards told her she had to leave behind certain items before boarding her plane. What was she forced to part ways with?
  • Vials of beads for her artwork.
  • Bundles of sweetgrass.
  • Maple syrup from her family's farm.
  • Strips of moose hide.

Question 9

While his competitive days are now behind him, 96-year-old Wally Herman is a bit of a legend in his sport — especially given he didn't start until he was 50. What was his competitive pursuit?
  • Running marathons and ultramarathons.
  • Mountain climbing.
  • Downhill skiing.
  • Weightlifting.

Question 10

This tool could be found at the Brockville, Ont., business that Barbara and Gaetan Fortier ran for 30 years before winding things down on Saturday. What sort of work did they do?
  • They sold and repaired clocks.
  • They built and maintained string instruments.
  • They wove, stitched and patched up garments by hand.
  • They appraised gems and designed custom jewelery.
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