GCSE History: The 2014 Source Paper


A mind map showing the set-up of the Unit 3 GCSE History Paper questions with a guide on how to answer them.
James McConnell
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James McConnell
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GCSE History: The 2014 Source Paper
  1. Question 1
    1. 6 Marks
      1. 10 mins max
      2. E.g. "Look at Source A, what can you learn about..."
        1. An inference question
          1. Make at least 3 developed inferences
          2. Short response
          3. Question 2
            1. E.g. "What impression do we get...?" "How can you tell that the author...?"
              1. 8 Marks
                1. 10 -15 mins max
                2. Fully explained answer
                  1. Use Point, Evidence Explain
                    1. Using evidence from the suggested source/s
                  2. Question 3
                    1. 10 Marks
                      1. 15 mins max
                      2. E.g. "How far do sources X, Y and Z suggest that..."
                        1. Make a judgement (usually 'to some extent')
                          1. Sources given will show different opinions
                        2. Question 4
                          1. 10 Marks
                            1. 15 mins
                            2. E.g. "Which of sources X, Y & Z would be more useful to a historian finding out about..."
                              1. Comment on the level of usefulness of the given sources
                                1. Who produced it?
                                  1. When was it produced?
                                    1. What is it? Is it trustworthy?
                                      1. Why was it produced?
                                      2. Which is most useful to a historian?
                                        1. Focus more on the usefulness than the uselessness
                                          1. No source is totally useless or perfectly useful
                                        2. Question 5
                                          1. 16 Marks
                                            1. 20 mins + any leftover time
                                              1. + SPaG Marks
                                                1. Use good spelling, punctuation and grammar
                                              2. E.g. "How far do you agree with the statement..."
                                                1. A judgement question
                                                  1. Make a judgement!
                                                    1. Usually: "I agree to some extent..."
                                                  2. Given a loaded statement
                                                    1. E.g. "Science and technology was the most important factor in developing surgery."
                                                    2. Use the suggested sources
                                                      1. Use Point, Evidence, Explain
                                                      2. Use your own knowledge!
                                                      3. Please keep in mind I sat these exams in 2014, so check it still applies to the modern curriculum before taking information for granted!
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