Inference Practice 4.2.2


Inference Practice 4.2.2
Anne Novicki
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Anne Novicki
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Question 1

Amy was getting impatient. Sara was supposed to meet her 15 minutes ago. They were going to be late for school if she didn't come soon! If they were late one more time, they would be in deep water. Amy wondered if the teacher would give her detention, or make her do extra work. What if he told her mom and she was grounded? Sara finally arrived as Amy was thinking about being grounded. She saw Amy's expression and asked, "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?" What would happen to Amy if she were grounded?
  • a. She would not be allowed to fly her airplane.
  • b. She would not be allowed to go to school.
  • c. She would be punished by staying in the house or her bedroom.
  • d. She would not be electrocuted.

Question 2

Luke is very competitive and loves to win when he plays sports. Kyler doesn't take sports all that seriously. So when their tennis singles match was over, it was no surprise that both boys were in a good mood, especially Luke. Which statement is most likely true?
  • a. Luke won the match.
  • b. Kyler won the match.
  • c. The game was rained out.
  • d. Kyler was given a new truck.

Question 3

Julio and his father had been looking forward to their fishing trip for weeks. They didn't take much food with them on the trip. When they started fishing they were quickly approached by a forest ranger. He asked Julio's father if he had a fishing license. Julio's father reached into his wallet and suddenly got a terrified look on his face. Julio was disappointed that night as he ate dinner. Why did Julio and his father not take much food with them on the trip?
  • a. They were planning on eating the fish they caught.
  • b. They didn't have any food at their house.
  • c. They didn't want to eat too much.
  • d. They don't like to eat fish.

Question 4

Annie could hear the music playing over the loud speaker in the mall. She and her mother were shopping for a present for her father. Annie could see a big line in the center of the mall. She wondered what all the people were waiting for. She then heard a jolly "HO! HO! HO!" from the center of the crowd and she quickly realized what the people were waiting on. As Annie and her mother walked through the mall, she noticed that the store windows were decorated with green, white, and red decorations. Which of the following is a conclusion that could be made from the story?
  • a. Annie and her mother were shopping for a birthday present for Annie's father.
  • b. The music was coming from a band.
  • c. The mall is close to Annie's house.
  • d. The people were waiting in line to see Santa Claus.
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