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C'était voyage que j'aie jamais fait It was the worst that could of happened
les panoramas étaient beaux The views were beautiful
J'ai eu mal coeu I got travel sick
il y a in collision There was a crash
il n'y a pas de Wifi there is no pool
un poney a mangé ma tente a pony ate my tent
ce n'était pas cher it wasn't expensive
il pleut des cordes it rained cats and dogs
Demain j'ai l'intention de visiter des monuments historiques tomorrow I have the intention of visiting historic monuments
je mangerai dans un resteraunt étiolé I will eat in a Michelin star resteraunt
porqoui si on va au centre commercial on aura la possibilité d'acheter des vêtements de marque because if one goes to a shopping centre you can buy designer clothes
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